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PA and Safety Support Engineer

Ref: 15166912

Posted on 07 September 2022
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Noordwijk Zh
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We are looking for a PA and Safety Support Engineer (E3) to join our Modis Aerospace team, working onsite at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands.

Specific tasks to be performed:

  • Support the MetOp-SG Product Assurance & Safety (PA&S) Manager in all activities related to the execution of the Product Assurance Programme for the MetOp-SG Programme;
  • Assist the PA&S Manager to ensure that all formally delivered items within the MetOp-SG supply chain conform with requirements using formal acceptance reviews (e.g. Delivery Review Boards - DRBs);
  • Support the MetOp-SG Satellite and Instrument Prime contractors in managing and reviewing the integration and test activities using manufacturing and/or Intergration Readiness Reviews (I/MRRs), Mandatory Inspection Points (MIPs), Test Readiness Reviews (TRRs), Post-Test Reviews (PTRs) Test Review Boards (TRBs) and, where requested by the MetOp-SG project, quality assurance audits;
  • Support the PA&S Manager in the effective implementation and execution of the non-conformance management process for the project both with industry under MetOp-SG contract and partner agencies & programmes (Eumetsat, DLR, CNES and ESA Copernicus);
  • Support Risk Management (e.g. administrate the Risk Register) and Configuration Management (e.g. CCB) within the MetOp-SG Project Team, including the disposition of Deviations and Waivers (RFDs & RFWs);
  • Together with the Satellite Prime and the Instrument Primes, review ESA Alerts for potential impact to MetOp-SG and, internally, the ESA IPNs (Internal Problem Notifications), ensuring they are formally addressed and closed-out;
  • Supporting Long-Term Storage (LTS) requirement definition and implementation for the MetOp-SG follow-on FM Satellites;
  • Produce reports covering review activities, including conclusions and recommendations where necessary, participate in progress meetings when needed, and reporting on project PA status;
  • Deputising for MetOp-SG Programme PA Manager as required;
  • Support the MetOp-SG PA Manager with the satellite launch campaign(s) - location is TBC;
  • Support the post-launch anomaly investigation process and the implementation of any & all associated recommendations;
  • Extensive travel within Europe is required.

General tasks to be performed:

Support the ESA PA & Safety Manager for designated project(s) in conducting, monitoring & assessing the implementation of the PA & Safety Programme. This includes support to any or all of the following activities:

  • Establishing the PA&S requirements baseline for all elements of the project, in compliance with the ESA general Product Assurance and Safety policy; Produce and implement plans, define inputs, outputs, participants, responsibilities, interfaces, coordinate efforts of participants, and produce resulting consolidated inputs.
  • Reviewing contractor’s plans, specifications and effort proposed for the execution of the project PA&S programme; Produce reports of review activities performed (e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed) and conclusions/recommendations.
  • Monitoring project & PA status & identify relevant PA issues, including NCR / SPR / Waivers / Problems / Critical Items and systematically tracking all items. Produce monthly reports of monitoring activities performed (e.g. inspections, checks, visits, reviews), including conclusions and recommendations.
  • Assessing the implementation of PA&S requirements by contractors, participating in design and safety reviews and directing the necessary preventive or corrective actions; Produce monthly reports with assessment activities performed (e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed), contribution to design and safety reviews, and activities related to preventive/corrective action.
  • Participating in the Boards established within the project for the disposition of Nonconformances / Failure Reviews, Test Reviews, etc.; Produce reports of participation to boards, indicating the contribution made to these boards (e.g. review of agendas, participants, minutes of meeting, action follow up, close-out).
  • Guiding and monitoring the application and procurement of EEE parts, materials and processes and controlling implementation of applicable requirements; Produce reports on guidance provided, monitoring activities performed and status of compliance to applicable requirements.
  • Monitoring the manufacturing, integration and test activities with quality assurance audits, mandatory and key inspection points, test witnessing and configuration inspections; Produce report on activities performed with conclusion and recommendations.
  • Defining the formal acceptance requirements and conducting the Acceptance Reviews of all contractual deliverable items; Produce and implement plans for the preparation of the formal acceptance requirements, defining steps, inputs, outputs, participants, responsibilities, interfaces, and coordinating efforts of participants to produce resulting consolidated inputs to project documents. Produce also reports on the activities performed for conduction of Acceptance Reviews.
  • Supporting the organisation & management of the support from all PA disciplines
  • Controlling NCR / Waivers / Problems / Critical Items. Produce meeting agendas, check that all inputs are available for the NRB or CCB, check that all needed participants are involved, produce NRB or CCB minutes of meeting, follow-up on actions identified, ensure proper nonconformance/ wavier/problem/critical item close-out. Produce also reports on control activities performed.
  • PA for the verification, qualification, acceptance & delivery activities.
  • The launch campaign.
  • Participating in progress meetings and CCB meetings. Produce inputs to the meeting and whenever requested, produce meeting agendas, check that all inputs are available, check that all needed participants are involved, produce minutes of meeting, follow-up on actions identified, ensure proper close-out.
  • Participating in all project reviews, including safety reviews. Produce reports on all review activities performed (e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed), conclusions and recommendations.
  • Reporting project PA status (deviations from plan / schedule of all of above).


Modis has proudly supported the Aerospace & Defence industry in the Netherlands for decades. Our partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) has been one of the many success stories allowing our people to expand their career horizons. Modis experts are contributing to some of the most important technical advances in Aerospace and Defence which impact the way we live our lives today, through specialised engineering expertise and other required skillsets. This could be your future. Become part of our successful team!


The European Space Agency (ESA) has sites in several European countries.

The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), has grown into ESA’s largest establishment and the technical and organizational hub of Europe’s space sector. Missions designed and tested at ESTEC are circling Earth, have landed on planetary bodies and have probed far into the Solar System.

The infrastructure and equipment assembled here, together with the expert knowhow of its 2800 personnel, make ESTEC a unique resource for Europe. The work done here by teams skilled in every aspect of engineering for space has enabled the creation of novel communication, navigation and information services, creating new jobs and growth while improving the lives of European and world citizens.


To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required:

  • Master’s degree in engineering discipline is required.
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in the space sector including 5 years in Product and Quality Assurance.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are needed, together with a high degree organizational and communication abilities, and comfortable with working in a diverse and multinational team environment.

Please send your CV to before 03/10/2022

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