We invite you to join our worldwide community 

First we would like to know what your ambitions are. Then we will realise these in cooperation with you. However, that is by no means all. 

You are the priority

When you join Modis, you not only become part of our company, you also become part of our community of experts, as a professional or member of one of our support and management teams.
The first thing we do is assess your ambitions. After that we will work together with you to realise them. We do this by investing: in you, in your professional development and in coaching. Alongside that we will, of course, provide career guidance.
We always have the right specialists for the right projects thanks to our thorough knowledge of people, science, technology and the business community in worldwide markets.

Do you want to shine?

Our focus is on the development of a broad community of experts who want to stand out. At Modis you can find a career which encompasses numerous fields, projects and challenges.
We connect our people at the interface of business and IT, technology or science and in international markets. They are given and take the responsibility and we encourage them to use acquired knowledge and experience within other disciplines. That enables us to continue innovating together.

Do you want to collaborate with leading professionals?

In our Centres of Excellence and Delivery Centres you will meet the best professionals in their specialist field. These expertise hubs are competence centres where specialists collaborate on new solutions for our clients. These are, for example, engineers, as well as data scientists, designers, developers, technicians, researchers or medical writers.

Team Spirit 

  • We like to link work and best practices based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Team, trust and talent are our key words.
  • We work hard and enjoy what we do.


  • We supply unrivalled services.
  • We are passionate about our colleagues and clients.
  • Importance for our clients and colleagues is number one priority.


  • We are responsible for our actions and are accountable for what we say and do.
  • We do our utmost to provide an optimal service.
  • We promote honesty and diversity and our company is founded on equality.

Customer Focus

  • We develop and improve long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We know the company and the needs of our clients and act accordingly.
  • We stand for excellent service and make sure we work accurately.


    • We generate innovative ideas and solutions.
    • We function well in rapidly changing environments.
    • We encourage initiative with regard to decision-making and creative solutions. Our ambition is always to go the extra mile and deliver just that little bit more than expected.

Which career suits you?

As your career partner you will find we provide the respect, the recognition, the supervision and the stability you expect. We offer two main career paths: Professionals and Modis Management.


Modis Associates join us to tackle custom client solutions, onshore, offshore or nearshore. Our Delivery Centers and Centers of Excellence operate across markets and act as campuses that supercharge your career development.

Throughout your career you'll find we offer professional evaluation and a variety of work assignments. We can rapidly reassign across markets depending on the client and your career needs.

Your career path

From the moment that you start work at Modis, we will work with you to set and realise development goals. We will also hold regular follow-up discussions, quarterly meetings and annual/six-monthly performance and development meetings.

During your placements you will gain experience in all our specialisations (IT, Engineering and Life Sciences) and you will be able to use technical knowledge to solve clients' challenges.

Example of your path

Below you will see an example of a career path within Engineering. You start out in the position of junior engineer, during which time you still have to learn the practical side of the job. Eventually you reach the position of project leader which means that you are responsible for several projects and clients and lead project teams and lead engineers.

Voorbeeld van jouw pad

Similar career paths are also being developed within IT and Life Sciences.

Project Management Path
  • You move from Team Leader to Project Manager to Project Director
  • Throughout, the focus is on advising on your technical field, managing knowledge and transferring it to your colleagues
  • The opportunity to contribute to RFIs and RFOs
Specialist path 
  • You move from Technical Referent to Specialist to Expert
  • Throughout, the focus is on advising on your technical field, managing knowledge and transferring it to your colleagues
  • The opportunity to contribute to RFIs and RFOs

Management & Sales Path

  • You move from Client Manager (CM) to Engineer Manager or Junior BUM
  • Throughout, the focus is on prospecting and opening new business accounts, monitoring the progress of projects, and recruiting and managing the careers of Managers

Working with the best specialists in your industry

Our professionals have a range of careers and work together with a large number of international and local clients.

For more than 20 years we have been recruiting experts from the world of Information Technology, Engineering and Life Sciences for our worldwide community. We are looking for professionals with, and are stimulating, expertise in numerous specialist fields.

When we propose you to a client, you will be able to use your technical expertise to achieve the results which our clients demand.

 Our professionals work according to the highest standards. Throughout their career they can expect proactive feedback and supervision. Even before a project or consultancy period ends, we will actively start looking for your next challenge, based on your needs and expectations. It is our priority to ensure that you have steady work and good working conditions.

We also offer assistance and training to ensure that you maintain a lead in the market.

Do you have a question for us? Or are you looking for more information? Please let us know. 

Reach out to us

Modis Management

Modis cannot be successful without colleagues to ensure that our clients are satisfied and that our professionals and freelancers get the jobs which are suitable for their careers.

If you join Modis as an internal colleague, you will have joined a community with a wealth of domain knowledge and considerable insight into people and their requirements. You are the bridge between our clients or professionals and excellent results. You can, of course, count on strong career development with the necessary supervision, structure, help and training.



If you have opted for the flexibility of being a freelancer, you can rely on us to support you in terms of finding the right project for the period that you desire. We will work to link you to clients which suit you and your way of working and will maintain regular contact. We want to keep our finger on the pulse continuously in terms of your wishes with regard to jobs, work periods and terms and conditions.


Get in touch with us today

If you decide to work at Modis, you are opting for new perspectives, a way of thinking which covers numerous specialist fields and smarter contacts, both in the markets and industries worldwide.

We would like to encourage you to explore these, to travel, to experience a wide diversity of projects at the largest companies around the world and to develop a multidisciplinary perspective when it comes to solving challenges. If that is what you are looking for, please do not hesitate and contact us immediately.

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