Report sick

Call in sick?

If you are too ill to work, you must call in sick. This is important not just for you but also for the company you are working at because it means that all kinds of arrangements then have to be made. These may include finding a replacement for you, as well as arranging the continued payment of your wages during the period you are off sick. We refer to calling in sick as ‘applying for sick leave’.

Who should you call in sick to?

You should call in sick by contacting your manager at the company you are working at and with your contact person at Modis. Modis will ensure that your sick leave is properly arranged and will help you recover quickly. If you have made other arrangements with Modis regarding calling in sick, you should comply with those instead.

Contact details of Modis

Modis is:

  • Reachable by phone on working days from 08:30 - 17:30
  • In the weekend by e-mail:

NB: It may be that you have been sent an adapted absenteeism protocol because you are working for a specific client. If this absenteeism protocol is applicable, you should comply with it and the times it refers to.

When should I call in sick?

You should call in sick as quickly and as early as possible. If you are scheduled to work in the early morning, you should call in sick before 9.00 a.m. If you are going to start work later that day, you should call in sick by no later than three hours before your working day starts. If you are too ill to telephone, ask somebody to do it on your behalf. It is important that this is done punctually and clearly by contacting your manager at the company you are working at and your contact person from Modis, otherwise your entitlement to continued payment of your wages will lapse.

Continued payment of your wages

As long as you are ill, you will receive a weekly payment from Modis for your hours of illness up to the end of your contract of employment. After your employment contract ends, Modis will make a declaration to the UWV. For further information, please refer to the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers and the Modis personnel regulations.

What happens after I have called in sick?

You will receive a confirmation of your notification of sick leave. This will state, amongst other things, that you will have daily contact with your Modis contact person during the first week of your absence in order to discuss your recovery. If you are ill for longer than a week, Modis will contact you to provide further support during your absence.

What to do when you feel better

We hope, of course, that you will feel well soon and be able to return to work. When you are better, call your contact person at Modis to report you better.