How We're Helping Clients Impacted by Coronavirus | Modis

A Note to Employers

Modis Posted 18 March 2020

It is our ongoing commitment, not only during this time of evolving information but always, to act as a reliable resource for our partners. Know that we're going to continue to provide dependable access to experts as we take on the changes occurring around the world.

We encourage you to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions or to get the latest updates.

We minimize disruption with digitization

As travel restrictions and social gathering limitations are recommended and enforced, our team is prepared to work remotely to ensure business needs are supported. Through our digital processes that allow our consultants the flexibility they need when the work environment is ever-changing, we can continue to offer agile personnel support to our strategic partners in the following ways:

  • Electronic time tracking for candidates.

    Our candidates record their hours worked electronically, without physical administration.

  • Electronic release of working hours.

    Companies can view the recorded time and release the wage payments electronically.

  • Electronic billing.

    Modis invoices are sent electronically and do not require our administration to be physically present.

  • Virtual interviews.

    Modis recruiters use digital interview tools for convenience and to shorten placement time.

Managing a remote workforce

Concern around the spread of COVID-19 is driving many teams to turn to remote work – with some attempting the common practice for the first time. Now, more than ever, offering remote work allows businesses access to the best talent – along with a continuity of business operations.

As companies work to adjust their strategies amidst so many unknowns, securing successful ways to implement and maintain remote work has become increasingly important. While tools like video conferencing, VPNs, and innovative work platforms make it easier than ever to collaborate, some leaders are finding the adjustment to full-time remote operations to be a challenge.

At Modis, we've always stood behind the benefits of offering remote work and have worked to ensure that many of our teams are fully equipped to maintain their work remotely.

Industries we serve

The businesses we work with span across many industries, most of which are ramping up their services to accommodate needs on a global scale. Here are the industries where we've seeing expanding needs:

  • Manufacturing
  • Banking /Finance
  • Supply Chain and Distribution
  • Video Technology for Remote Work
  • Healthcare and Claims Processing
  • Call Centers
  • Education and e-Learning
  • Professional Employer Organization
  • Municipalities and Government
  • E-Commerce
  • Medical Device and pharmaceutical

Need to know how else we can help during this time of uncertainty? For any additional questions, please contact us.