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Network Operations Centers

Manage resources efficiently with optimized data center and enterprise networking. Expert tech talent can implement the components, architecture and virtualization that your networks need. And connecting with that talent just got easier.

Seamless Networking Solutions

It’s rare that business workloads are handled on a single device, so the implementation of seamless networking solutions is nonnegotiable.

Prevailing use of the cloud, which is a departure from the dependence on physical processors and the notion of a true data “center,” has paved the way for mass virtualization across organizations in all industries.

The cloud, when properly managed by skilled tech professionals, makes resources accessible regardless of locale. Cloud-based data centers and enterprise networks not only rely on cabling and infrastructure, but also on the dedicated professionals behind the scenes building sound architecture that delivers the resources your users need as they need them.

An understanding of design principals and technical components must go hand-in-hand to build sustainable networks for organizations of all sizes and functions. And we know the ins and outs of network operations and the varied approaches necessary for data center versus enterprise network optimization. We understand the traffic patterns, operations, architecture, and even security needs shift depending on the network type. We can recommend the specific components you need, instead of just the ones you’re familiar with. We take pride in our role of implementing the network efficiencies required to keep organizations as connected as possible, and therefore as competitive as possible.

Data Center Networking

When bandwidth and density challenges threaten to derail business dealings, how prepared is your organization to manage the updates required? With over 30 years of experience, we’re uniquely qualified to deploy the skilled tech talent you need to tackle a network scale out. We can connect you with prompt provisions, cohesive configurations, and readied resources through the following service offering specialties:

  • Data Center Strategy
  • Data Center Operation
  • Data Center Disaster Recovery
  • Database Server Architecture
  • Information Security
  • Database Engineers
  • Data Analytics

Enterprise Networking

Ensuring access to the Internet, applications, and corporate resources isn’t as easy as it sounds. But when experts are managing that access, connectivity can be taken for granted – and that’s a good thing.

When you partner with us, you gain access to tech talent that can help spread network architecture to avoid any disturbance to user experience. Identifying which mesh network works best for your enterprise, and managing the respective architectural needs, is just the beginning. Realize the full value of your enterprise network with skilled IT experts, backed by the global resources of an industry leader in tech talent solutions.

Just like a successfully managed enterprise network, we provide essential connections. Connect with us to see how it works.

Make our services a seamless component of your overall support function—they’re transparent, controllable and cost-effective.

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Get the individual specialists—or the entire team—you need to manage your IT infrastructure, anywhere and anytime you need them.

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From a flexible, fully managed service to a co-managed engagement, choose the solution that best fits your business needs and workforce strategy.

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Help Desk Solutions & Applications

Our end-to-end service offerings include all aspects of an organization’s tech capabilities. To start, we begin with an assessment of organizational needs and goals. From there, we can either augment or improve your existing infrastructure. Whether support is needed in-house or offsite, we have the pipeline of talent to make it happen. We can handle has much, or as little, as needed to be a boon to business.

There’s a reason that most of the Global Fortune 100 companies trust us. And that’s because we have a true, global solution no matter the size (or kind) of organization. Outside of the US we have centers in Australia, Bulgaria and Germany, with the potential for round-the-clock service at your help desk.

You know that having the right tools for the job is essential. That’s where we come in. Our service desk pros are well versed in the implementation, optimization, and limitations of the various support software. From integration to optimization, our experts cover all the major platforms – including, but not limited to:

  • Freshdesk
  • Help Scout
  • Salesforce
  • GoToAssist
  • OTRS
  • JIRA
  • ManageEngine AssetExplorer
  • Bomgar
  • Faveo
  • Omnitracker
  • GLPi

Maximize your software investment, and get back to focusing on the bigger picture, with a dedicated team of support staff manning the service desk. Optimize all aspects of your help desk or app support with the help of a global leader in tech, engineering, and IT talent solutions. Work with us.

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