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Managed Service Programs

With a global network of IT and engineering specialists, and the ability to quickly deliver agile and cost-effective consulting services, we're your smartest choice for an MSP partner.

Serving over 80% of Fortune 500 companies, we are your partner in enhancing your workforce.

An MSP team with VMS expertise.

Your Modis MSP team includes MSP Coordinators with expertise in all industry-leading VMS and ATS tools. This team quickly adapts to and works effectively with your VMS, resulting in more efficient processes, including candidate submittal, interviewing, accepting work orders, onboarding, invoicing, reporting and more.

Your MSP team tracks real-time metrics through your VMS reporting function and provides daily updates to our Strategic MSP Account Managers, ensuring your production goals are met.

Smarter recruiting through our Strategic Delivery Center (SDC).

While our extensive branch network allows us to recruit to IT and engineering specialists in North America (and around the globe), all of your requisitions run through a single, centralized point of contact—our Strategic Delivery Center (SDC). Located in Denver, CO, the SDC provides integrated national and international recruiting services for all IT skill sets. Additionally, the SDC designates teams that can be quickly scaled based on the volume of your workload.

It’s an approach that allows you to connect with dedicated teams in your local markets, and quickly access the highest quality candidates from our global network.

Here’s how it works.

Your engagement begins when we create an SLA and establish performance metrics based on your goals, as well as our knowledge of best practices and market trends.

You’ll be assigned a Strategic Account Manager who will make frequent in-person visits to your locations, gather information from you and your team, and monitor our MSP scorecards to confirm that your needs and performance metrics are being met. As your recruiting partner, the Strategic Account Manager aligns our approach with your goals, drives full program adoption—and constant improvement—and is committed to ensuring your success and satisfaction.

Your Strategic Account Manager collaborates with our data and analytics team to review reports that can often reveal opportunities for improvement and areas of success. Additionally, they also works with our professional compliance and onboarding teams to mitigate risk and make sure your workforce is well prepared. By communicating regularly and proactively sharing information with you, your Strategic Account Manager can help you respond quickly to any issues, or head them off before they even happen.

Your Modis MSP IT team has the network, the knowledge and the market insight to provide you with the most agile, innovative and efficient workforce solutions. Partner with a smarter MSP IT team—contact us today.

Connect with intelligent and experienced specialists who thrive in short-term roles.

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Hire with agility – before you make a permanent commitment, bring talent in on a trial basis to see if there is a connection.

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With so much competition for the best IT and engineering talent, you need a competitive edge. Collaborating with us is a good start.

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Access a global network of health IT specialists whose experience in all major healthcare technologies can help realize new opportunities and efficiencies.

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Your workforce is a unique community with very specific needs. A partnership with our MSP team is exactly what you need to manage and maximize it.

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As your primary staffing vendor, we make your requisition and placement process more efficient and intelligent than ever.

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Put us on your short list of staffing partners and we’ll deliver consistently smarter specialists that will make us the preferred of the preferred.

Give our team the opportunity to handle some or all of your recruiting and, together, we’ll develop smarter processes.

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When you have a project with very specific expectations and deliverables, we’ll connect you with SOW specialists who will get the job done.

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