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For us, understanding your ambitions and working with you to achieve them are just the beginning of our task.

Putting you first.
When you join Modis, you don’t just become part of a business. You join a community of experts, whether you join as a Consultant, Associate or our Support and Management teams.

For us, it starts with understanding your ambitions. Then we work with you to get there. By investing in you, your professional development and mentorship - and coaching you throughout your career.

By studying how people, science, technology and businesses intersect in markets around the world, we can partner the right specialists with the right professional projects.

Do you drive yourself to excel?

Our focus is on developing a diverse community of people who want to excel. At Modis, we offer a career that spans countless industries, projects and challenges.

We bring our people to the intersection of science, technology and business in markets around the world. They're entrusted with responsibility, and we encourage every person to apply their learnings across disciplines, so we can innovate together and unlock new ways of working.

Would you enjoy working with the world’s smartest people?
Our Centers of Excellence and Delivery Centers are where these connections can become even deeper. They act as campuses for the community, where engineers, data scientists, developers, technicians, researchers and medical writers, to name a few, all work together to research, innovate and explore new solutions for our clients.

Do you share our values?
Each one of our colleagues shares our core values, knowing that they're key to the success of the overall community:

Team Spirit

  • Our work and best-practice exchange is based on mutual respect and trust
  • Team, trust and talent are our keywords
  • We work hard and play hard; we have fun in what we do


  • We are passionate about delivering the highest quality services
  • We are passionate about our colleagues and customers
  • We lead and inspire our people in their career development


  • We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for what we say and do
  • We make every effort to provide the best service possible
  • We promote fairness, diversity and equality is our corporate legacy

Customer Focus

  • We build and improve long-term partnerships with customers
  • We understand customer’s business and its needs and act accordingly
  • We are committed to the quality of service and accuracy in work for customers


  • We generate innovative ideas and solutions
  • We feel comfortable in fast changing environments
  • We encourage initiative in decision-making and creative solutions. Going the extra mile is our ambition

Which career is right for you?

We see ourselves as your career partner, bringing you the respect, recognition, guidance and stability you deserve. We have four primary career tracks for our colleagues: Associates, Consultants, Freelancers and Modis Management.


Modis Associates join us to tackle custom client solutions, onshore, offshore or nearshore. Our Delivery Centers and Centers of Excellence operate across markets and act as campuses that supercharge your career development.

Throughout your career you'll find we offer professional evaluation and a variety of work assignments. We can rapidly reassign across markets depending on the client and your career needs.

Your career path

As soon as you start working with Modis, we work together to set evolution goals with regular follow-ups, including quarterly meetings and annual/semester reviews.

We have three primary stages of development: Junior, Mid and Senior. And through the course of placement and development, you will gain experience across our sectors (IT, Engineering and Life Sciences) with the chance to apply your technical knowledge to real client challenges.

Throughout, you'll develop your project coordination skills and human & financial resources.

Choose your track

We offer different career paths according to performance and evolution criteria:

  • Technical track
    • Specialist path
      • You move from Technical Referent to Specialist to Expert
      • Throughout, the focus is on advising on your technical field, managing knowledge and transferring it to your colleagues
      • The opportunity to contribute to RFIs and RFOs
    • Manager path
      • You move from Team Leader to Project Manager to Project Director
      • Throughout, the focus is on advising on your technical field, managing knowledge and transferring it to your colleagues
      • The opportunity to contribute to RFIs and RFOs
  • Business track
    • Manager path
      • You move from Business Manager (BM) to Experienced BM to Coaching BM
      • Throughout, the focus is on prospecting and opening new business accounts, monitoring the progress of projects, and recruiting and managing the careers of Managers
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