The 2020 IT & Engineering Salary Guide is here.

The 2020 IT & Engineering Salary Guide is here.

Modis Posted 30 September 2019

Cultivating a winning team of tech and engineering professionals is becoming increasingly challenging as unemployment rates continue to remain at a near all-time low. The employees we survey continue to list “salary” as the front-runner among the leading benefits today’s workforce value the most. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever your organization is armed with the salary intel needed to ensure you are offering current and prospective employees competitive pay.

Our 2020 technology and engineering salary guide features a comprehensive listing of technology and engineering roles, along with job descriptions and salary data based on both national percentiles and experience-levels. Our data will enable you to better understand how your organization stacks up against current salary offerings – facilitating a better, more informed budgeting strategy for the coming year. 

2020 Salary Guide Features:

Accurate Salary Information

Our up-to-date salary figures are based on research conducted by EMSI (Economic Modeling Specialists International), which allows us to provide the most accurate salary and compensation data. The data is thoroughly vetted and verified, created from over 40 million individual compensation observations firmly anchored in robust government data sources.

Salary Data Book

Localized Data and Industry-Specific Workforce Trend Reports

We realize that salaries in your city may not be the same as salaries in other areas of the country. That’s why we go beyond our electronic national salary guide to offer you a printed Workforce Trends & Salary Guide kit – the kit includes city-specific salary data for the same comprehensive list of tech and engineering roles, along with valuable industry-specific workforce trend reports. These reports are loaded with industry-specific data and insights for top tech and engineering industries such as insurance, banking/finance, medical equipment, retail, construction, software and more.

Industry trends report

Comprehensive List of Job Titles with Thorough Job Descriptions

Our salary guide encompasses a comprehensive range of job titles reflecting industry trends corresponding with detailed job descriptions which include; years of experience, education and certification requirements and typical job responsibilities.

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