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3 Things You Should Know About the Evolution of Modis

Modis Posted 10 July 2018

You may have noticed that Modis looks a little different. It’s true – we’ve changed. But this change is more than just an outward shift.

We’ve updated our appearance to reflect some shifts we’ve been making behind the scenes. They’re changes we’ve been making over the past few years to help both job seekers and businesses connect smarter, which is why we wanted our look to match our evolution. Let us give you a tour of how we’re facilitating the IT and engineering innovations of tomorrow by pioneering the future of staffing.

We have two clear areas of focus.

You may be thinking our focus is IT and engineering, and you’d be right. But within those areas of focus, we’ve segmented our business to become a truly comprehensive, full service provider. Our Enterprise services help global companies facilitate global consistencies by providing a partnership from end-to-end instead of piece-by-piece. Within this focus are Outsourcing and Managed Services, both of which are tailored to transform our clients’ business by modernizing IT systems and leveraging innovation that’s backed globally by the Adecco Group.

Our Prime side of the business focuses on companies right here in the United States. With the STEM talent gap and low unemployment rate, it’s tougher than ever for businesses to find the top talent they need. Our custom, boutique approach helps the find the right talent – fast.

It’s bigger than just the United States.

Even though Modis has its roots in the United States, we’ve expanded far beyond our borders. Now in 13 countries (and counting), our global scale needed a look that matched. In fact, as we scaled across the world, our services evolved to meet global needs. It was this realization that prompted us to consider a new look – one that would be relevant across all countries as we unified our approach to IT, engineering and life sciences solutions and services.

People are still our top priority.

When we hone in on the heartbeat of Modis, it’s connecting smarter. This is important to us because we’re people-driven: we drive relationships to solve business challenges. As we grow globally, our expertise is accessible more quickly and easily. Our look, voice and vision are consistent around the world. It’s this unified presence that allows us to focus more on the people we serve, no matter their location or area of expertise, reflecting our enhanced scale and value for companies and candidates.

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