6 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Employees.

Modis Posted 15 February 2018

Remote work is common in today’s workforce. It’s not unheard of to jump on a conference call and find out that a few team members are spread across the globe or to hire new team members with the right qualifications in the wrong central office location.

Being open to remote workers means that you can build your dream team without the constraints of location, but it also means knowing how to manage a team spread across time zones. As it turns out, managing a team of remote workers isn’t that different from managing in-office employees, it just takes a slightly different approach.

Remote Workers
Here are some tips to remember when managing a remote team.

Culture Remains the Same

Relay your company’s culture to your remote team. Team members (regardless of location) should read through onboarding and culture docs and adhere to the same company policies.

Set Processes From the Start

One of the biggest mistakes that remote team managers make is not putting processes in place from day one. Everything from who a project point of contact is to how a team member submits and reviews work should be thought of ahead of setting a new employee to any task. Make sure processes are clear and goals are understood.

Explain Tasks

A new hire may not completely understand what they are supposed to do day-to-day and remote working can mean being unsure of who to reach out to. Make sure that you are accessible and open to answering any questions.

Stress Transparency

It’s important that remote workers tell you about everything happening on a project or within a company. Many companies use team communication tools like Slack or Trello to keep lines of communication open and create an office-like atmosphere. Communication is vital when it comes to managing a remote team.

Remember That Meetings Are For All

Remote workers shouldn’t have to ‘catch-up’ on what happened during an office meeting. There are lots of ways to include remote workers in all meetings and planning events that pertain to the work they do. Try using software like Zoom to help team members in other locations feel like part of the office.

Respect Remote Hours

It can be tempting to communicate with remote workers when it’s past 5pm or on a weekend – mostly because these workers don’t often have a commute and tend to have flexible hours. Remember to respect boundaries and keep office hours in mind – remote doesn’t mean accessible all the time!

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