App Developer Interview Questions

App Developer Interview Questions


Smartphone users download billions of apps annually, but only those apps that are user-friendly survive. Building an app can cost anywhere from $10,000 to more than $100,000 making an app creation project a significant and essential investment, which is why it's necessary to find a developer you can work with.

It's critical to find a developer that not only understands your app vision and aligns with your company's direction, but also has the technical chops to execute on your vision. Finding a well-rounded app developer can be challenging if you don't know what questions to ask.

It's essential to ask specific technical questions, and it can be challenging to know whether or not a reply to a technical question is correct without hands-on experience. That's where our expertise comes into play.

Below, we have listed some of the more critical technical questions categorized by platform -- and we have also included the best responses to those questions.

Additionally, we've added some soft skill-based questions that are equally important to ask.

Android App Development Interview Questions

  1. What is DDMS? The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) is a debugging tool that is part of Android Studio. The purpose of the tool is to assist with debugging Android code and is considered essential to most developers.
  2. What is intent, and how is it used? An intent is a description of an operation. Intent is a basic term that can be explained easily.
  3. Can you show me samples of Android apps you've built? If the person you're interviewing only has iPhone experience, this is not a risk you want to take. The time spent working on a new platform will cost your company money.
  4. What are some of the issues with the following code? Find a piece of Android code on the Internet that has flaws and ask candidates to explain those issues to you.
  5. Do you think that this app will work best on Android? Is the person you're interviewing knowledgeable about your customer base? Do they have an alternate opinion?

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iOS App Developer Interview Questions

  1. Can you send me a list of apps you've developed? Candidates should be able to send you links to apps in the iOS app store. If the person you're speaking to was part of a team, ask about specific tasks.
  2. What are some unique features you can create for my app? Standard features are great but may not set you apart from competitors. Candidates that have done their homework should have some unique ideas to bring to the table.
  3. What third-party applications do you use? What are some of the iPhone tools that you use? Candidates should be able to tell you specific details about these tools and have a list of third-party applications that they prefer to use.
  4. Can you explain how you design the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) for iPhone applications? It's important to know what an iOS app developer's process is and whether or not that approach will work for you.
  5. What are some ways to make sure that the app is safe from hackers? This is kind of a trick question since all iOS apps have to meet Apple security standards, but candidates should know which security measures to put in place and how to bring an app up to Apple code.

Web App Developer Interview Questions

  1. Can you write a line of HTML code by hand? Most developers use some external support to write code, so any candidate that can write code without help will likely be able to create custom code. You can ask for a code sample during the interview.
  2. What are the app development tools you use the most? The tools mentioned should be pertinent to web development.
  3. Can you show me some apps you've developed? A portfolio must contain completed projects of varying styles. Consider the companies each app was created for and whether or not the finished project reflects the tone or image of the company.
  4. What is your development process? Candidates should be able to detail each step and bring you through their process from start to finish.
  5. Have you worked on a project this size? Small or large, the developer you hire should have experience working on web apps similar to yours.

Additional Questions

Aside from technical questions, the developer you're going to work with must understand your company, work effectively with your team and be upfront about who you will be working with - surprisingly, it's not always the person you interview!

  • Who will be my initial point of contact? Before you hire a company or team of developers, plan a meeting with everyone on the team that you will be working with. While the person you interview might have one process, the person that will be doing the majority of the work may have an entirely different approach.
  • Do you work with contractors, or do you handle projects entirely in-house? There's nothing wrong with a contractor, but you will want to receive contact information immediately.
  • Will you sign an NDA agreement? A great app idea should remain a secret until the app is released. Make sure the team you work with hires a non-disclosure contract at the start of a project.
  • How will the app you'll build for us make money? If you want your app to increase revenue, the developer you hire should be able to add in-app purchases and other items of value into your app.

In addition to asking the right questions, understanding the salary requirements for both Android and iOS developers will be critical during the interview process. You can find out app developer salaries, along with a comprehensive listing of all technology and engineering salaries and job descriptions by requesting this free guide.

Not sure about handling a development team or where to start with your project? We also offer fully customized and tailored solutions to project management needs in case you need some help with your app development project.

Spending the time to find the right app developer will result in an app that's functional, useful, and works with customer needs. Ask the questions, get the answers, and launch the best app for your company.

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