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The 2019 IT & Engineering Salary Guide is here!

Modis Posted 11 September 2018

In today’s competitive job market, finding and retaining the best talent in the IT and engineering industry is becoming increasingly challenging. As the unemployment rate continues to decline and tech opportunities continue to thrive, it’s more crucial than ever that employers ensure they are remaining competitive among other top employers in their industry.

Engineering and IT talent continues to list salary among the most important benefits their employer can offer them. That’s why we created The 2019 Modis IT & Engineering Salary Guide to give you the intelligence you need to ensure you are outperforming your competition and attracting and retaining leading IT and engineering professionals.

2019 Salary Guide

2019 Salary Guide Features:

Accurate Salary Information

Our current, comprehensive salary figures are based on research conducted𠊋y ERI Economic Research Institute, a company focused on providing the most accurate salary and compensation data. The data is thoroughly vetted and verified. Additionally, each office in the nationwide Modis network has reviewed the data for any necessary modifications to ensure localized accuracy.

Variances for Specific Job Markets

We realize that salaries in your city may not be the same as salaries in other areas of the country. That’s why we’ve provided variances for all of the key markets throughout the U.S.

Comprehensive List of Job Titles with Thorough Job Descriptions

Our salary guide encompasses a comprehensive range of job titles reflecting industry trends corresponding with detailed job descriptions which include; years of experience, education and certification requirements and typical job responsibilities.

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