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6 Traits the Best Engineers have in Common

Modis Posted 07 November 2017

It takes an aptitude for math and science to be a good engineer, but the best engineers? They take it a step further.

They’re the ones who live and breathe their work, but not because they have to – because they want to. We’ve seen enough of them to know what characteristics to look for when spotting top engineering talent. Let’s take a look into the elusive world of top engineering talent!


For the best engineers, it’s not enough to know how something works – they want to know why it was created, who created it, what are the biggest opportunities for improvement… the list goes on! It’s this inherent curiosity that drives them to go above and beyond the task at hand to deliver even more functionality in their work.


While most people turn work off when they leave for the day, the best engineers live their passion for engineering 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You might catch them watching YouTube videos on their craft or sketching out ideas for future projects, maybe even listening to podcasts of other great minds in the field. They’re lifelong learners, and it shows in their insightful work!


A good engineer? They’ll get the job done. The best engineers? They won’t stop until it’s done. If there’s a better way to do it, they’ll find it! If there’s an efficiency to be found, they’ll discover it! The persistence of this top talent is seen in their work ethic and drive to complete tasks correctly the first time, yielding top notch work with less revisions. The result is a savings of time and money for the business.

Engineer Traits


On the flip side, it takes patience to do many of engineering tasks correctly! Innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking don’t usually happen overnight, but when that light bulb moment does occur, you can expect impressive results. It takes all of the traits mentioned previously to navigate through the variety of possible methods before the correct combination comes to mind.


Most people can go to their job and work independently, but there’s often knowledge to be gained from those around you. The best engineers know this and rely on professional relationships with their peers to help them develop breakthrough ideas. Bouncing concepts off people who are in the same environment helps you see sift through the possibilities to find the ones that are most feasible and focus your efforts more effectively.


It may be possible to spend a month developing a feature, but is that feature more important than the big picture of the project? Top engineers can discern the gravity of even minute details and shift focus to the areas requiring the most attention. This can be a big deal with detailed projects as it creates efficiencies by focusing on the big picture. Once key features are developed, the best engineers often use the “extra” time to focus on additional features outside of the basics the project requires.

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