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A Look Ahead at Tech Jobs

Modis Posted 15 May 2019
Future Tech Jobs in Demand

The latest occupation projections are here. Tech jobs dominated the overall growth landscape, representing 20% of the fastest growing occupations identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The two occupations at the top of the list (Solar Photovoltaic Installers and Wind Turbine Service Technicians) show anticipation for growth in alternate energy, while the inclusion of Information Security Analysts indicates that security will continue to be top of mind for businesses and consumers alike as security breaches continue to make headlines.

According to the most recent occupation projections, California and Texas will absorb the majority of this job growth. With these states being on the forefront of energy solutions, both traditional and alternative, this comes as no surprise. What may surprise you, however, is the value in a non-traditional education for the two fastest growing roles over the next decade, both of which have identified trade schools and on-the-job training as a sufficient foundation for success.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers
With solar energy on the rise, it’s no surprise this occupation topped the list of fastest growing occupations by 2026 with a growth rate of 105%. These professionals are on the front lines of solar panel installations. Their primary job responsibilities include assembly, installation and maintenance of solar systems on rooftops or other structures, according to the BLS. Training courses at community colleges and technical schools or on-the-job training are the best ways to become qualified for these roles, which will experience the most job creation in California.

Wind Turbine Technicians
Commonly known as “windtechs”, think of these workers as the wind turbine version of Solar Photovoltaic Installers: they install, maintain and repair wind turbines. Most of these professionals attend a technical school to learn their trade, but many also receive on-the-job training to pick up the necessary skills. This profession is expected to see a 96% increase by 2026 with the majority of this growth occurring in Texas and California, two energy hotbeds.

Software Developers (Applications)
We have Software Developers to thank for creating the applications and computer programs that allow us to complete everyday tasks using programs on computers or other devices. While their anticipated occupation growth isn’t as fast as the previous two roles, the 24% job outlook is still much faster than the national average. The strong computer programming skills needed to be successful as a Software Developer typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science. California and Washington are expected to see the most Software Developer jobs added to their economies by 2026.

Information Security Analysts
Data breaches and cyberattacks have become everyday occurrences, making prevention and protection priorities across industries. According to the BLS, Information Security Analysts plan and implement “security measures to protect and organization’s computer networks and systems.” A 28% increase in this occupation is projected to occur by 2026 to meet the rising need for security. Virginia and Texas will experience the majority of this growth, with California and Maryland not far behind.

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

New technology is constantly developing, which means the jobs to support them will change, too. In the coming years, we’re expecting to see these job opportunities as not only the fastest-growing tech jobs, but the highest paying ones available, too. With so many careers to choose from, they can include front end web developers, data software analysts and computer network architects.

Future Tech Job Outlook

The positive outlook for the tech job industry’s future growth is in good reason! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech jobs are expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations with about 557,000 new jobs added by 2026. So, what’s the outlook for a few of these future tech jobs? We’re highlighting some opportunities from different areas within technology that will only continue to be in demand and offer you a chance to grow.

Biomedical Engineering Job Outlook

For example, the biomedical engineering job outlook is expected to grow by 23% by 2024. Biomedical engineers typically design computer software to run medical equipment and devices like machines that diagnose medical problems. The average salary for a biomedical engineer in 2019 is $95,414.

Petroleum Engineer Job Outlook

And, the petroleum engineer job outlook has an average salary of $141,038 in 2019. With a 15% growth by 2026, petroleum engineers are in high demand to create and improve ways to acquire gas and oil from both old wells and deposits found below the Earth’s surface.

Web Developer Job Outlook

Finally, the web developer job outlook is expected to have a 27% forecasted job growth by 2024. If you’d like to design the look of websites while also being responsible for its performance and speed, the demand for web developers is growing quickly. Depending on your specialty as a web developer, the average salary can range from $74,004 to $89,608.

Future Tech Jobs in Demand

When it comes to opportunities we believe will be in high demand in the future, these jobs may also be great choices to secure your future in technology. With a 12% growth in tech employment by 2024, these positions are both high-paying and growing quickly. Learn more about these opportunities in our infographic below.

  1. Change Management Specialist: This career focuses on maximizing a company’s staff and helping them to organize change that includes training and communication strategies. With an average salary of $139,444, there’s a 21% forecasted job growth for jobs in analysis by 2024.
  2. Information Security Manager: If you’d like the chance to oversee the implantation of policies that execute security measures to protect a company’s computer networks, becoming an Information Security Manger could be a great fit. The average salary is $126,692 and the demand for careers in IT security has a 18% forecasted job growth by 2024.
  3. Web Software Developer, Sr.: If you’re an experienced web developer, it may be time to move on to a Web Software Developer, Sr. position. The average salary for this opportunity is $89,608 and the growth in web development will increase by 27% by 2024.

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