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Modis Hospitality & Entertainment Case Studies


Modis supports a casino reorganization to prepare it for explosive growth.

This company is the largest casino in the world, employing more than 10,000 people. The client’s rapid growth caused great strains on its IT department. Expansion required a department-wide reorganization as well as plans to grow the internal staff by 20% during the first year. The casino IT department management anticipated 30% of their current employees would leave due to the reorganization.

The casino’s HR department was overwhelmed with requests for general positions, but the IT department wanted to explore other options outside of its traditional hiring methods. Modis partnered with a sister company to provide both direct hire recruiting services and leadership training. Modis also developed a special direct-hire flat rate in exchange for special considerations. The IT department managers found quickly realized how Modis providing fully qualified and pre-screened candidates saved them time. On average, Modis provided three to five qualified candidates for each job order.

Modis standardizes nationwide travel network’s databases, eases acquisition.

This company grew from a single location to a nationwide network of timeshare resorts and travel services. The client needed to standardize and integrate their Oracle database prior to a major acquisition. They also were tasked with the responsibility for all development of future marketing applications worldwide. Their existing Oracle team was comprised of only a few junior programmers, but they needed senior-level Oracle technical experts as soon as possible.

Modis met with the client to determine which skill sets would be required to ease the acquisition process as much as possible. Modis then recruited, screened and placed 11 senior Oracle programmers. The new Oracle team had the synergy, knowledge and industry experience the client required for this project, and the consultants were able to enhance existing applications, as well as write new ones ahead of schedule. The senior team members also mentored the client’s existing Oracle staff in order to increase their overall productivity.

As a result, the client was able to complete the acquisition on time and on budget. We also left them with a much more highly-skilled staff.

Modis team streamlines special event producer’s back-office systems.

This company produces conventions, corporate events and exhibits. The company provides service contractor services, exhibit design and construction, exhibit program management, event décor, special effects, and coordinates shipping, setup and removal.

This client relied on multiple, fragmented systems for their order entry, inventory, billing and freight system. The multiple systems required a tremendous amount of manual entries, causing too many delays. Modis delivered a fully-integrated and centralized business management system that streamlined the client’s entire show process and provided online access to all show systems for all the client’s branches. To develop this system, Modis provided a team to work at the client’s site. They were charged with creating an extensive requirements document, a total system design as well as a project plan for the development phases. Modis played a key role in driving the improvement of their infrastructure. Our consultants also developed a client-server-based application focusing on automating the order tracking system for vendor registration.