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Celebrating Women in STEM | Yewande Akinola

Posted 26 March 2021

Yewande Akinola, award winning innovator and engineer

Yewande Akinola is an award-winning innovator and engineer who didn’t let her gender or skin color get in the way of success. Now, she’s inspiring the next generation, especially women, to careers in engineering.

“Embarking on a career path where women, and especially women of color, are still a rarity comes with its own challenges. Akinola has developed a useful mantra to deal with those who doubt her skills because of their own biases.

“Early on in my career, I had to be comfortable with who I was, as a person,” she says, “and through that journey, I’ve met people who recognize a level of authenticity.” She acknowledges that it takes conscious effort to remember to appreciate those experiences that make you unique, but they will pay off in the end, she says.

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