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People & Processes Behind Cloud Transformation


In order to keep up and outpace the competition, transitioning to the cloud is no longer a choice, but a necessity. The transformation can be complex causing many organizations to lose track of their most valuable resources – people and processes.

The Commoditization of Cloud Technology

Many customers approach cloud with only technology in mind, treating it as just another computer or datacenter. While at the infrastructure level that is true, the idea misses the true value of technology and frankly of cloud. Cloud changes the way we use technology, often times making it much easier to implement complex analytics solutions, e-commerce sites, all the while being able to implement intricate security solutions around it in a democratized way. This is especially true when taking advantage of the PaaS solutions the cloud providers have created. The cloud providers have created a democratized approach resulting in technology becoming a commodity.

Although technology has become a commodity, people and processes have not. These resources are what differentiates an organization from competition and are often the most valuable asset. Unfortunately, people and processes are often the most overlooked component of a cloud project resulting in poor adoption across the organization and cost overruns.

The Impact of Cloud Transformation on Your Team

Cloud, perhaps, has the largest impact on people causing a shift in roles. Given that cloud commoditizes technology such as compute, network and storage the roles around those change. Instead of a storage architect the role shifts to a data architect, instead of a server administrator the role shifts to a workload analyst or support engineer.

Cloud streamlines processes. Cloud platforms offer up easy to consume solutions around CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code (IAC) through solutions such as templates, blueprints and API integration through other 3rd party tools so that large, global deployments can be deployed with little human interaction.  Additionally, telemetry around those solutions is incorporated into the platforms.

Modis Approach to Cloud Transformation 

“Cloud transformation isn’t as much about implementing technology as it is about transforming your people and process to adopt and operate that technology so that you realize the most value out of cloud platforms.” - Matt Missey, Managing Director of Modis Cloud Consulting

At Modis, our belief is that an organization should start by addressing the people and process transformation in the context of a cloud or digital transformation by clearly defining the Organization Cloud Action Plan and implementation of an often overused, and misunderstood concept of Cloud Center of Excellence.

Our Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) and Cloud Adoption Frameworks assess the customer’s current state, both Digital and People estates. We then develop a real and tangible action plan that includes Organizational Adoption, Compliance, Governance and Security and then implementation. This can all be done in the context of a workload migration, Digital Transformation or a net new Workload deployment to the cloud. We ensure the customer’s organization, to include the people, process and technology is aligned to meet their business objectives with cloud.

Cloud is so much more than just someone else’s computer or datacenter, it offers the opportunity to revolutionize your experience with technology. Contact us today to learn how Modis can assist with your Cloud transformation.

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