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Driving Client Success with Upskilling and Reskilling

Modis Posted 08 September 2020

As technology rapidly evolves, the skills-set gaps for IT Professionals continue to widen. Now more than ever, companies are faced with a daunting challenge when trying to hire, especially when looking for IT Talent. The pressure continues to build for employers to adapt and find a solution to address this industry wide and global challenge.

Modis Academy is positioned to face this obstacle head on, making it easier to hire and retain IT professionals in today’s market. Our distinctive focus on upskilling and reskilling allows Modis to provide a unique solution for each candidate or associate that can be tailored to nearly every situation our clients are faced with.

“As the program continues to expand, we have realized the importance of having flexible learning solutions to fit the needs of our clients and students.  We are working every day to partner with industry leading training providers who can provide a variety of curriculum and learning formats for our Modis Academy students.  These options allow us the flexibility to support all of the unique training needs across the organization” – Jill Welch, Director, Modis Academy

The following case studies highlight the value proposition that Modis Academy provides.

How Reskilling Can be an Effective Solution

Case Study 1 Atlanta, GA

An industry leading client in the Real Estate Industry asked Modis to fill a challenging role they were struggling to fill on their own. They wanted to hire someone with industry experience but had a salary range that restricted the available talent pool that could be considered for this role.

Our team in Atlanta did an outstanding job proactively identifying talented individuals that aligned with our clients hiring profile and happened to have the perfect candidate already going through a Modis Academy immersive course. This program is aimed at identifying individuals that want to make a significant career change and become an IT professional.  Reskilling through Modis Academy requires a commitment to an intense, full-time, 12-week training program strategically aligned with current industry trends.

Through successfully completing this program and expanding their education and training, this candidate displayed that they were truly hungry and committed to finding their first career opportunity in technology. This drive showed the client they had the potential to be a trainable, loyal employee eager to expand on their tech stack and learn new things.

After 90 days in the role, both the client and candidate were pleased with their choices. The client remained extremely happy about their new employee, opening the opportunity to hire additional Modis Academy graduates. Our associate was also extremely grateful for his first career opportunity in tech and maintained a high-level of enthusiasm and excitement about his job even after the initial 90 days. This is evidence that we are not just finding candidates a job, we are assisting in creating a future for them.

Upskilling Top Tech Talent for Continued Success

Modis Academy has also assisted clients by creating career paths and professional development opportunities for our associates while on assignment. These resources have proven to be valuable to our customers and would benefit from additional training.

Case Study 2 – Raleigh, NC

Modis Academy proved to be a valuable program when an industry leading Technology client acknowledged that some of their employees were lacking both Front End and Back End Development skills. Our program allowed the employees to attend part-time training through a Modis Academy partner, while working on assignment. Having the chance to expand their skillset allowed the employee to take on additional responsibility and assist the team with workload balance, a win-win for everyone.

Case Study 3 – San Jose, CA

Recently, an industry leading technology client asked Modis to provide the necessary education for a team of Data Analysts to become Data Scientists. We were able to successfully utilize our training partnerships to accelerate their education while continuing to work on assignment. By creating career paths and professional development opportunities, our associates are even more committed to their roles and appreciative of the investment that was made in their careers.

A Strong Employee Retention Strategy

Providing candidates with the opportunity to expand their skillset not only opens doors for top talent, candidates who are offered the chance to develop and grow within a company often show increased loyalty and retention.  This is a tremendous value for our clients. They now have associates who have proved to be valuable yet committed resources.

As we move into a post-pandemic workforce, employees now more than ever desire upskilling and continued training. Through Modis Academy we can assist our clients, not only in finding the ideal candidate, but to address any skill set gaps that are apparent to ensure they are successful in their new role. Whether it's hiring someone new into the IT profession for the first time or upskilling someone that needs an additional skills set to be competitive in their job search, Modis Academy is making it easier to find the right person to join your team.  

Learn more about how we can help you invest in your workforce through the Modis Academy.