Investing in Our Consultants Through Reskilling and Upskilling

Investing in Our Consultants through Reskilling and Upskilling

Modis Posted 21 April 2020

During these uncertain times, Modis is focused on leveraging the tools we have at our disposal to make a positive impact. Modis Academy allows us the unique opportunity to invest in our consultants by providing additional education and training that will help them perform better in their current position or in their next role. We believe that training and development will be mutually beneficial to our clients and our consultants.

Reskilling and upskilling are buzzwords in the industry today. As the world of IT and engineering continues to evolve and expand, companies are faced with an ever-increasing skills gap when looking to hire professionals.  The evolution of technology is far outpacing the education and skill set level in the field.  This unique challenge requires a dynamic solution - upskilling and reskilling.

Reskilling provides employees with a new set of skills in order to perform a different job, where upskilling improves the skillsets so they can excel in their current role. This opens the door for countless opportunities; a Java Developer that studies Python, a Business Analyst that studies Project Management, a network engineer that becomes AWS Certified.

Investing in talent through upskilling and reskilling not only shrinks the skills gap, it can also help mitigate against job loss. As positions close and companies restructure, reskilling opens the door for consultants to shift into a new role within the same company.

As many companies face furloughs and layoffs due to the pandemic, now more than ever, is a time to focus on our greatest resource – our people. At Modis, our goal is to invest in our consultants to not only better their careers but also provide them with the skillsets necessary to support our clients evolving needs.  For our consultants, the programs we have in place help position them to be stronger candidates as they search for new roles.  At the same time, nurturing the growth of our associates, allows us to offer our clients immeasurable value by facing the skills gap challenge head on. Modis Academy is our way of addressing this challenge, allowing us to help our clients increase the level of knowledge in these areas and on their teams.

If you are a Modis Consultant and have lost your position during this time, or have reduced hours, we want to invest in you. We want to help you continue developing your training and professional development.

If you are a client looking to invest in your workforce to help fill a skill gap within your organization, we can help you.

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