Offices That Inspire Us

Offices That Inspire Us

Modis Posted 12 April 2016

A stellar work atmosphere has a lot to do with company culture, management style, and your team's makeup, but your physical office environment itself can also have a huge impact on productivity, happiness, and creativity on-the-job. Nobody loves working in a drab cubicle farm, which is why many innovative companies are finding creative ways to inspire their employees through inventive work spaces. Here's a look at a few of the coolest office spaces in the creative and tech industry to offer ideas on ways to improve your office environment to attract the top tech talent.

1) Traction Marketing Group's "Warehouse 127" - Oklahoma, USA

Balancing fun with function, Traction Marketing Group's "Warehouse 127" is indeed housed within an old refurbished warehouse. This massive open space gives employees lots of room for grow big ideas, but it also has plenty of private nooks and crannies for meetings. Creative use of brightly painted concrete walls, lots of lighting, and comfortable island clusters of furniture give this industrial space some serious style and personality.

2) Selgas Cano Architecture - Madrid, Spain

When you spend many hours a day tied to computers, surrounding yourself with nature can be perfect for providing a much-needed calming balance. Selgas Cano Architecture's offices, located in the woods near Madrid, feels more like a luxurious nature getaway than a traditional bustling workplace. A unique tunnel-like design gives the building an unconventional feel, while a cutaway glass wall that extends to the ceiling provides a scenic window to the peaceful woodland backdrop outside. Employees don't have to go far for nature hikes and fresh air, either.

3) Bahnhof's White Mountain Office - Stockholm, Sweden

Seemingly lifted straight out of a James Bond flick, the White Mountain office of Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof is truly a sight to be seen. This high tech workplace oozes with mystery and exudes an ultra-cool secret lair vibe, which is no surprise considering it's built into a retrofitted Cold War era nuclear bunker. From its floating glass conference room above the data center to the German sub engines in its entry way, this office is designed to make coming to work an exciting affair.

4) Google 's Tel Aviv Office - Tel Aviv, Israel

Google is known for its interesting and quirky campus designs, and its Tel Aviv office is no exception. There's plenty to look at outside, given the scenic views of the cityscape below, but the funky sights indoors also cover the full broad spectrum of creativity - both stylish and a touch outlandish. Each area of the campus offices sports a different theme, including fun design oddities ranging from walls adorned with nature scenes and faux medieval bricks to carpet-covered seating beach-side cabanas filled with laser lighting. The mix of modern industrial chic and playful artistic expression gives employees a lot of ways to find inspiration.

5) Mind Candy Office London, UK

Plants, pastel hues, and playful critters abound in the inventive office of Mind Candy -- creators of the popular Moshi Monsters. Color and creativity are on tap throughout the design of this upbeat office environment, which features a massive coloring wall, astro-turf carpeting, hanging vines, and even a large wooden tree house meeting room. This underscores the importance, too, of empower employees to work hard and play hard.

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