Re-Evaluating Careers and the Need for Upskilling

Re-Evaluating Careers and the Need for Upskilling

Modis Posted 05 October 2021

As workers re-evaluate their career prospects, does your technology roadmap ensure your company is able to retain top talent? With a shift in working habits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employee expectations are changing, and so should your efforts to hold on to your key workers. Flexible working conditions and greater opportunity for growth are among the most important factors that employees value. For our latest white paper, “Resetting Normal”, we talked to 14,800 respondents in 25 countries about what they’re looking for in a job moving forward. We’re taking these insights into account and pairing them with the latest technology to make sure our candidates and clients get the best out of the new normal.

Research around employee expectations in the new world of work


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