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2016 Tech Trends Survey Results

Modis Posted 10 September 2016

Will Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical (STEM) workers receive a bonus this year? Which industries will add the most jobs? Do millennials and Baby Boomers value the same employee benefits?

We surveyed 1,500 decision makers in STEM to find out the answers to these questions and others in our 2017 STEM Workplace Trends Survey.

The results revealed a plethora of valuable information on the state of the industries, including:

  • Four in 10 (39 percent) of STEM professionals say that age disparity is the greatest conflict their field struggles to remedy.
  • The survey found that teamwork and interpersonal skills are considered the most difficult qualities to find, even in top candidates, with more than 20 percent of respondents in each field having ranked these attributes of the highest importance.
  • An overwhelming amount of tech professionals (64 percent) believe that artificial intelligence will make the biggest impact to their industry in the next five years, with more than half of respondents from all sectors expecting the same (56 percent).

Dig deeper into these insights and more valuable revelations by getting your copy of our 2017 STEM Workplace Trends Survey Results below!

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