Get the right tech to reconnect employees and reinvent culture

Get the right tech to reconnect employees and reinvent culture

Modis Posted 29 September 2021

Is your technology roadmap ready to support employee connections in the new hybrid working environments? At a time when nearly 24/7 connectivity is the norm, the workforce has never felt more disconnected. With worker motivation, relationships, feelings of recognition and sense of team and culture deteriorating, leaders hold the key to re-connecting people to the company purpose. They’re also shouldering the responsibility to help employees feel like they belong, and provide them with motivational development and career opportunities. Equipping managers with upskilling, coaching, resources and technology will help them to better listen to and manage their teams, increase and nurture motivation, and set strong team morale and culture which are top priorities for businesses in the new hybrid working model.

In our new white paper, Resetting Normal, we asked 14,800 respondents across 25 countries about what they want and expect in terms of culture and connection in the new normal. We found that relationships, motivation and a sense of team and company culture have regressed since 2020. With perspectives of leaders and non-management at odds, these disconnects pose a major threat to company cohesion.

Reconnect the Disconnect Stats

Technology is Key to Reconnecting the Disconnect

Are you effectively leveraging Enterprise tools including Teams, Google Workspace, or Slack to enable employees to work together better and more closely to build/maintain a sense of community? As many workers transition from fully remote to a hybrid model, your cloud tech will need to transition as well.  The value of “face-to-face” meetings and open lines of communication whenever possible cannot be overstated. Here’s how to leverage tech to achieve seamless collaboration when you have hybrid work models:

  • Leverage a video chat platform (like Zoom). Your in-office teams and remote teams will get the chance to all interact “face-to-face”.
  • When looking to unify your team, leverage social media and the technology at your disposal. If you haven’t already, set up a team chat tool. Slack or Google Hangouts are great options. This will help to create a sense of team and connection in a virtual world.
  • Give employees guidance on how to design meetings and events for both remote and in-person attendees. This includes using digital tools to support meetings and create seamless experiences for both those in-person and remote.
  • File sharing isn’t just important for productivity, it’s also important for team-wide and even company-wide transparency. This is where a cloud tech strategy is key.
  • Ensure all meeting rooms are connected to the organization’s video conferencing software. This enables those working remotely to see and engage with everyone in the room, not just one person behind a laptop.
  • Utilize your team chat tools to create a group chat where you can share good news, shout outs and recognize great employee performance.

The Modis Approach

Now is the time to work with a partner that will help you better leverage technology to build the strong and supportive culture your employees need. Optimizing cloud technology, while embracing critical infrastructure capabilities is your next step. With a renewed emphasis on worker connectivity, increasing efforts to digitize day-to-day collaboration is inevitable. So, how can Modis help?

Q: Do your employees need to be educated on your new cloud tech?

A: Tech Academy - Modis closes essential skills gaps by delivering cutting-edge upskilling and reskilling to futureproof your organization’s talent and drive performance.

Q: Does your organization have outdated applications that prevent effective collaboration?

A: Application Modernization - Bring legacy applications into this century by leveraging the power of cloud tech for scalability, productivity and better connectivity.

Q: Do you need to move assets, resources and services to increase employee connectivity?

A: Cloud Migration - Work with experts who prioritize safety and speed and minimize disruptions when we migrate your assets, resources and services/applications to the cloud.

Q: Do you need custom solutions to bridge the connectivity gap?

A: Cloud Engineering – We offer best-in-class capabilities to recreate or build new products and services using Cloud-native service. You don’t have to do it alone!


Companies must identify where the breakdown in collaboration or connection is happening and leverage new processes and tech to bridge the gap. The good news is, you don’t have to face this change alone. Modis is here to help. Our global presence, delivery capabilities and expertise provide the full range of technology and engineering resources that you need. We know you will need to pivot and adapt to new demands for cloud tech and infrastructure. Let's talk about how we can be there every step of the way.

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