Technology is key to reignite employee retention

Technology is key to reignite employee retention


Is your technology roadmap prepared to address employee job re-evaluation warning signs? During the last 12 months, people have become more autonomous, agile and proactive, taking it upon themselves to update their skills. This, paired with the demand for more flexibility as in-office work picks up, is an indicator that many workers are ready for change. Media hype around a mass-resignation or a mass worker exodus may be overstated for now, but our new survey featured in our white paper, “Resetting Normal”, shows that these factors are triggering many to re-evaluate working life. Indeed, there are warning signs for companies that suggest the time for organizations to reconnect with their workforce is now.

We asked 14,800 respondents across 25 countries about what they want and expect from their current employer in order to stay. We’re diving into those results and sharing how technology will play a major part in ensuring a sustainable and engaging workplace for everyone.

Data around employees reevaluating their career and the need for tech


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