Unleash The Power of Your Hybrid Workforce

Unleash The Power of Your Hybrid Workforce

Modis Posted 25 January 2014

The pandemic is rewiring how we work. The emergence of the hybrid office is fundamentally transforming the relationship between employee and employer, bringing with it a cultural and generational shift. Globally, office workers want to spend more than half of their time working remotely, even after the pandemic. That’s according to the Adecco Group’s recent research paper, Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work 2021, which surveyed 14,800 knowledge workers across 25 countries on working practices, behaviors, and attitudes towards work.

To succeed in these transformative times, employers must provide the right technology and tools to enable people to work seamlessly, whether they’re at home, at the office, or on the road. But for many firms, technology is progressing faster than business models can keep up.

The opportunity

Hybrid working works. Our research found that nearly three-fifths (58%) of American workers polled are happier following the changes to working life in the last 12 months. Moreover, Americans led the world in creating effective remote workspaces, with an overwhelming 84% (+13% the global average) saying they were well set up for remote work. 

So, the appetite for hybrid work is there. The challenge for employers is to manage – and engage – these new distributed workforces while serving customers effectively and keeping data secure. Hybrid cloud infrastructures, business-enabling cybersecurity, and ongoing digital transformation are the key to tomorrow’s borderless enterprise.

58 percent of American workers polled are happier following the changes to working life in the last 12 months

Hybrid cloud for a hybrid workforce

From a technology perspective, hybrid working is significantly more complicated than a fully remote set-up. The multi-cloud environments that support distributed workforces – comprising private, public, hybrid, and everything in between – can quickly become chaotic, with unpredictable cost and inconsistent performance. You can’t drive efficiencies with multiple, over-lapping public and private cloud instances running in different corners of your business. And you can't maintain airtight security without proper visibility and standardization of your server landscape. At Modis, we help our clients conquer multi-cloud complexity with human-centric infrastructure solutions centered around how users get work done in the flexible, scalable workplace of the future.

Cybersecurity that’s an enabler, not a blocker

Your employees – especially Millennials and Gen Z – will no longer accept work tech that doesn’t perform the way their at-home tech does. And they will circumvent your security policies by using ‘shadow IT’ solutions to get around outdated at-work tools. But the ‘act fast and get it done’ mindset that enabled businesses to survive in the face of unprecedented global disruption also opened a massive wave of cybercrime. Employers now face the challenge of enhancing collaboration and enabling innovation while monitoring emerging threats and managing and deploying adaptable technology. So, how do you empower users in this anytime, anywhere workforce without compromising data and while keeping mission-critical infrastructure secure? Our consultants can work with you to build a cybersecurity posture fit for the next normal.

User-centric digital transformation

Employers can support workers who may not be ready to return to the office environment by designing personalized tech experiences that accommodate their unique needs. Today’s workplaces are populated by five generations, all with different work habits, and skills levels. It helps to start by building user personas across your business so you can organize your infrastructure, devices and workflows around the people interacting with them. What devices and access will your associates on the shop floor need versus your service center operatives who are now working from home? This way, you will select the most appropriate applications, supported by the right, scalable, future-proof infrastructure.

So, how does your technology roadmap prepare your Infrastructure?

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