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The Importance of Upskilling in the Post-Pandemic Workforce

Modis Posted 16 July 2020

The Adecco Group surveyed 1000 workers from across the US to find out where the working world is today and where it is headed. It's clear the pandemic has reshaped how we work.

In this new, remote working environment there is an increased need for collaboration, problem solving, and adaptability. Even in fields such as Engineering and IT -- where technical skills are prized -- employers are starting to value different skills.

The research found that right now, the top five most important training, resources, and support after the pandemic are:

  1. Digital/remote working skills (78%)
  2. Company platforms/systems (77%)
  3. Managing staff remotely (75%)
  4. Soft skills (71%)
  5. Resources/support on mental health (69%)

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Growing skills gap makes reskilling and upskilling an urgent business priority

Because evolution of technology is far outpacing the education and skill set level in the IT and Engineering industries, many companies are faced with an ever-increasing skills gap. This was the case before the Covid-19 outbreak and the pandemic has only exacerbated the situation.

According to Arin Ceglia, Director of Learning and Development for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), "A significant number of engineers graduate with powerful textbook knowledge of fundamentals and theory, but lack the skills needed to apply that knowledge in their day-to-day work. Even experienced engineers might become siloed and not have the ability and awareness to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technical field. Addressing this skills gap is critical."

Although employers are facing challenges hiring the talent they need, the outlook isn't all gloom and doom. In fact, there's an amazing opportunity for employers and employees to work together and address this issue. Consider:

  • 65% of employees feel their digital skills have improved as a consequence of remote working
  • 29% would change jobs within the same sector if there was an opportunity to learn new skills
  • 78% of people want more digital upskilling post pandemic

All indications show employees value training and are willing to learn to improve themselves and bring value to their employers. The question is are employers up to the task?

Are you looking to invest in your workforce?

We've seen that employees are interested in career development. But did you know that employees who don't feel they are developing in a company are 12 times more likelyto leave it?

That's another reason upskilling and reskilling are so important. When you invest in your employees, you help them see a path to career advancement. And as they gain new skills, they become more productive and better at their role. They're also better prepared to shift into a new role within the company.

One of the ways we help assist companies bridge the skills gap is by upskilling and reskilling candidates through Modis Academy. We believe that training and development will be mutually beneficial to our clients and our consultants. Through Modis Academy, we offer strategic organizations access to a training program that adds value to business initiatives while simultaneously promoting career progression opportunities for tech talent. Partnering with four industry-leading training partners, we can now offer flexible training solutions tailored to fit both our clients and candidates specific needs.

"Modis Academy allows us the ability to invest in our associates while on assignment. We want to ensure that their skill sets remain relevant to our clients' environment as it evolves. We strongly believe that this alignment with our client initiatives sets us apart from our competitors in the marketplace, we are willing to invest in the technical direction our clients are moving, elevating our value proposition and becoming a true business partner. This is not just staffing," stated Jasmine Conn, Vice President, Modis Academy.

Looking forward

Now that you see why upskilling and reskilling is important, especially in the post-pandemic world of work, we hope you take the next step.

To learn more about how Modis can help reset the normal in your workforce start a conversation today! And if you're a candidate looking for your next Engineering or IT position, search our current job openings.