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What You Should Know about Robotic Process Automation

Desina Gjeka, Sales Director, Modis Academy Posted 18 May 2021

Today we are faced with technological advancements at an unprecedented level, causing rapid changes and disruptions in processes that are simultaneously forcing the human workforce to quickly learn and adapt. But when there’s change, there’s opportunity.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is at the forefront of Digital Transformation and disruptive technologies.

RPA technology creates software robots programmed to perform manual or repetitive tasks that are normally conducted by humans. Examples include invoice processing, data extraction, integration, and generating reports. This improves the speed of your operations and positively impacts labor costs for organizations, freeing up your employees to be creative, innovative, problem-solve and focus on human interaction.

According to Gartner, the estimated global market value of RPA will increase in the US by $1.89 billion in 2021. This increase will be driven by RPA adoption across a range of industries including Manufacturing, Banking, and Financial Services, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Insurance Sector, and HealthCare industries.

Female working on Robotic Process Automation

The Human Workforce Behind RPA

As automation accelerates and skillsets are required to shift, new workforce strategies are crucial to meeting our digital transformation challenges, specifically the sizable skills gap.

Modis Academy is upskilling and reskilling top talent to ensure they have advanced, in-demand skillsets necessary to meet your continually evolving business needs. Through a partnership with Modis, you’ll have greater access to talent with critical skills that are key to developing and transforming your RPA practice.

RPA is a hugely relevant topic for today and for tomorrow.  At Modis Tech Academy we prepare you for RPA by bringing you consultants who are job-ready today and by developing your people to be job-ready for tomorrow.” - Sarah Otley, Global Head of Tech Academy Modis

We are dedicated to the transformation of the Future of Technology. We understand not just your challenges, but also emerging opportunities, and offer a strategic approach to your business needs. Our RPA resources come with expertise knowledge in leading automation tools including Automation Anywhere, UIPath, and BluePrism. And as RPA evolves, Modis Academy continues to develop and proactively upskill consultants to stay ahead of the competition.

RPA Driving Business Success

Modis has seen the value and success our clients have experienced by partnering with us and investing in RPA.

Supplier Claims and Debit Notes Processing

Modis implemented automation for our retail customer in order to drive increased productivity, efficiency, and customer service. Robots were developed to process all supplier claims and debit notes - tasks previously performed manually by six full-time employees. The implementation achieved 50% cost savings and reduced 60% manual effort, shifting employee’s focus to supplier relations, while also receiving Modis Academy upskilling for career progression.

Invoice process handling

Implementing RPA improved data quality, compliance, and productivity for our client in the automotive industry. Modis developed robots to capture and input data into the ERP system, removing error-prone manual processes and leading to high throughput. Previously, a team of four employees spent 70% of their time manually processing and handling invoices. RPA enabled 60% cost reduction, maximized compliance, and productivity increase of approximately 75%.

The Modis Solution

Are you ready to implement RPA solutions into your organization or looking to scale and improve your RPA tools in use? Modis can provide both consultative expertise AND talent with the necessary skillsets to maintain, enhance, or scale your automation tools.

Additionally, Modis Academy can provide upskilling and reskilling to promote employee growth within the organization as RPA transforms current roles within your team.

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