2018 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Every Tech Lover on Your List!

2018 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Every Tech Lover on Your List!

Modis Posted 12 December 2018

Here at Modis we love it when technology and innovation meet to create some amazing products that can enhance our lives, make day-today tasks a breeze, or just bring a little more fun to everything we do.

Gift Giving Guide

With the holidays around the corner, we checked out some of the coolest innovations in technology this year and discovered the perfect gift for even the most selective of tech-lovers on your list! So don't delay, gift-giving procrastinators, take a look at these tech-tastic products and knock out that shopping list before the holidays are here.

Gifts for the Foodie

Do you have a food-lover on your list? We all know that certain someone who loves to be in the kitchen trying out the latest recipe or cooking gadget. Here are some of the coolest foodie gifts we found for 2018

The Programmable Pressure Cooker

It seems like all of a sudden you're hard-pressed to find a recipe that doesn't entail using the increasingly popular Instant Pot! And with such versatility it's not hard to see why – this small but mighty cooker can service as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, cake maker and more!

Mealthy Multipot

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: these tech-savvy cookers feature as many as 14 easy-touch cooking programs with customizable presents, an LCD Panel and digital progress indicator.

Where you can get it: there are many different models available at big-box retailers varying by size and number of features. Amazon's best seller (pictured above) is the Mealthy Multipot 9-in-1 Programmable pressure Cooker.

Smart Food Scales

While counting calories and scrupulously measuring food portions might be the last thing on your mind leading into the holidays, we all know that special someone who, come January, will be holding fast to their new year's resolutions to lose weight and eat healthy!

Smart Food Scale

Enter the smart food scale! This amazing gizmo enables you to view nutrition facts for thousands of foods within the scale's built-in database, plus create your own custom entries. The Greater Goods scale featured above even breaks down the information according to your % of daily value and tracks your daily totals.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: Despite its sleek simple design, this scale is truly smart – with a powerful database of foods, ultra-precision measurements, a tare function and programmable custom food entry capabilities.

Gifts for Fitness Enthusiast

Again, while staying in shape may not be top-of-mind during the holiday season, come New Year's, gifts geared towards staying active might be just the right fit for the fitness enthusiast on your list…

The Fitness Tracker

While wearable fitness trackers are by no means new to the 2018 tech scene, there are some upgraded trackers this year with an impressive array of features and capabilities that would be sure to impress the health-conscious loved-one on your list.

Fitbit Charge 3

The #1 selling wearable tracker, Fitbit, recently released the newest tracker in their lineup, The Fitbit Charge 3. This tracker features a much larger screen, calorie burn, a heart rate tracker, guided breathing, swim tracking and improved notification features. If you are already familiar with fitness trackers, some of the standout features you'll find are the bigger screen, lighter design - plus it's completely waterproof!

In addition to its great health-related features, this wearable enables you to receive smartphone app notifications from apps like Facebook, Uber and more. Android users can also send quick replies and up to 5 custom replies.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: Fitbit launched a beta version of its Sleep Core technology – this uses SPO2 sensor and 24/7 PurePlus heart rate tracking so the Charge 3 can help users understand their sleep patterns better!

The Electric Smart Bike

If you're looking to splurge on that special someone, the Story Electric Step-Through Bike, recently making Oprah's coveted “Favorite Things" list of 2018 might be just the ticket! The electric bike serves as both a fun mode of electric transportation for city dwellers, plus a traditional exercise bike when you're ready to sweat it out.

Electric Story Bike

This bike is ideal for flat or moderately hilly terrain and gives you the option for electric motor powering when you need an extra push. You can customize the level of assistance by choosing from 6 levels of pedal assist – thus transforming your bike from a traditional bicycle to more of a fully powered scooter reaching up to 20 mph!

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: This seemingly traditional bike is equipped with an onboard computer with LCD display, a USB plug for charging and a 36-v battery hidden in the down tube of the bike.

Gifts for the Music Lover

Young or old, winter or summer, music transcends many of the typical gift-giving categories. So, gifts enabling your loved ones to enjoy the music that means most to them could be the perfect option for a wide range of recipients on your list. Here are a couple of great music-themed gifts for choosy music-lovers…

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Whether your loved one spends lots of time hitting the beach, pool or boat…or maybe is just known to belt out a number or two in the shower, the waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof Hydro-Beat Illumination Speaker speaker is impressively durable!

Waterproof BT Speaker

Its durable design is also constructed to float, is fully submergible and also features a suction cup – perfect for those shower singers! There are 10 multi-colored LED light settings to match your mood and features 6 hours of battery life.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: This speaker has an IPX-7 Waterproof certification enabling you to take it anywhere!

Turntable Entertainment Center

Versatile record players incorporating today's technology are a fun yet useful way to play an endless range of music whether it's grandpa's vinyls or your aunt's old CDs. Talk about a great way to bring everyone together during the holidays!

Victrola BT Turntable

This nostalgic Victrola Bluetooth turntable entertainment center offers an impressive 8-1 music player with the ability to play CDs, cassettes, USB, AM/FM, Bluetooth, Aux-in and of course vinyl records too! There is a remote control included and you can record from vinyl records, CDs and cassettes directly to USB – no software needed!

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: While we value the original quality of vinyl, we also crave the latest in audio technology – this turntable entertainment center offers us the best of both worlds!

Gifts for the Smart Homebody

If you have a home-loving tech nerd on your list, products that will make their home more comfortable, secure and connected might help make their holidays brighter. The concept of a “smart home" certainly isn't new for 2018, but this product category is growing exponentially with more and more home products getting smart! Here are a few that topped our list…

The Smart Speaker with Touch Screen

While last year's gift craze was all about smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, this year these voice-guided command centers have kicked it up a notch and are introducing video capabilities and much more.

Amazon Echo Show

The all-new Echo Show from Amazon features a 10" HD screen enabling you to watch videos, movies and TV shows – all with the voice commanded features we've come to know and love. You can also stay better connected to loved ones near and far by integrating video chat capabilities through Skype, the Alexa app and more. Smart home aficionados can also turn the Echo show into their central command system enabling them to see their front door camera stream, control light bulb settings with a touch screen and much more.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it:

With so many capabilities, this powerful device enables technology to enhance every aspect of your life - from displaying recipes in the kitchen, connecting you visually with loved ones and streaming the entertainment you love.

Smart Security Systems

Whether you just want to see if that highly anticipated Amazon package has arrived, or you have genuine concerns of intruders, smart security systems are becoming increasingly popular, and capable!

Ring Alarm

The Ring alarm home security system touts an impressive 24/7 professional monitoring for $10/month with no contracts. The fairly inconspicuous equipment includes a keypad to arm and disarm your system, a contact sensor, a motion detector and range extender. You'll get alerts on your smart phone when doors or windows open, or motion is detected.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: This alarm system features advanced motion sensitivity technology that won't detect pets weighing under 50 lbs. if mounted around 7ft – now that's smart!

Gifts for the Ultimate Tech Geek

Sometimes technology doesn't necessarily need to be ultra-utilitarian in nature, but can just help make things more fun! If you have a “big kid" on your list that never quite grew out of their toys, this might be the category for them!

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality technology is on the verge of transforming our sensory experiences in everything we do – from movies, music, gaming and the way we connect with our friends. Early adopters to new technology on your list might be thrilled to find the newest VR headset under their tree!

Oculus Go

The Oculous Go integrates with over 1,000 apps, games and experiences available in the Oculus store and offers standalone virtual reality with no additional devices required. Now you can watch the movies and shows you love from platforms like Netflix and Hulu on big screens with beautiful virtual reality environments.

The set itself features a wide quad, fast-switch LCD, which drastically improves visual clarity and the next generation Oculus lenses offers a wide field of view with significantly reduced glare.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: The Oculus Go comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and a 5.5-inch screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution, making it an affordable VR headset with 32GB or 64GB options.

Photo Drone

While Drones aren't exactly new to the tech scene, the lens technology and precision controls powering these flying wonders have grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. Whether you have a budding outdoor photographer on your list, or just a lover of all things fun and new in the tech space, this Air Drone Quadcopter by DJI Mavicis is bound to impress the ultimate tech geeks on your list!

Drone Quadcopter

This photo drone touts an impressive 32MP sphere panorama camera, with horizontal, vertical and 180 degree panoramas. It can also stitch together 25 photos in just 8 seconds. The model itself is lightweight and foldable to you can take it with you anywhere. While the photo capabilities rival any professional photo drone on the market, most user reviews emphasize its compact size and ease of use for the inexperienced flyer.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: It combines a marvel of engineering and technology (basically our two passions) with its ultraportable, foldable yet high-end flight performance design housing state-of-the-art video and photography capabilities.

Gifts for the Ultimate Pet Lover

If you have a someone on your list who has some serious love for their pooch this Christmas, maybe skip the holiday sweaters and treats this year and go high tech for a gift they won't soon forget!

The Smart Bone

While most dog lovers on your list may not be too impressed with the idea of receiving a simple dog bone for the holidays, the GoBone Interactive App-Enabled smart bone for dogs brings a whole new level of cool to dog toys, landing it on Oprah's coveted Favorite things list for 2019!

Smart Dog Bone

Designed for food-motivated dogs with a playful spirit, this bone is chewable but also features intelligent software with personalized movement for your dog. You can ensure your dog is getting exercise and entertainment even when you're not home by setting it on automatic for all-day exercise and play, or control it's motions via your smartphone for more interactive engagement that will probably entertain you just as much as your pooch.

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: We love it when technology can be integrated in the most surprising of places to make life better!

Digital Pet Daycare

Whether your special someone has a pet with some serious separation anxiety issues when they are away from home, or simply just can't get enough face time with their fluffy family members, this “digital daycare" product is the ultimate pet-lovers gift!

Pet Daycare

PetChatz HD and PawCall digital daycare offers opportunities for interaction and entertainment for your pet with features like two-way video chats, treat dispensing, calming aromatherapy, brain games plus an optional subscription for DOGTV!

Why we tech nerds at Modis love it: When technology can keep you better connected to the things you love while you're away from home, that's a beautiful thing. And if you're not among the lucky working professionals who can bring your pup to work, or enjoy some pawternity leave, this is a pretty great alternative.

We hope this list has given you some technology-powered inspiration for your 2019 Holiday Shopping list and we wish you a joyful holiday season!

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