6 Signs It Might Be Time to Start Job Hunting

6 Signs It Might Be Time to Start Job Hunting

Modis Posted 04 April 2019

It's estimated that 70% of the global workforce is passively seeking a new job at any given time. Further, 87% of passive and active employees are open to new job opportunities. These numbers may seem high, but there are plenty of good reasons why this large portion of the workforce is open to new job prospects. Here are six signs it might be time to start your next job hunt.

Your boss is too lazy to invest in your future.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Only 13% of workers worldwide are engaged at work, and employee turnover rates in the United States are at a 17-year high." It goes on to explain how lazy bosses with mediocre leadership skills are negatively impacting teams in two main ways. One way includes the tendency for these bosses to blame low performance and turnover on employees, rather than on their leadership or the organization. The other problem may be that these bosses tend to look for quick fixes to complex retention problems.

Receiving the blame and juggling quick fixes can lead an employee to feel unmotivated to perform. This can create a self-fulfilling prophecy where a boss believes the employee is the source of the problem without taking any accountability for their lack of interest and investment in an employee's future. If you are in this situation, it can be frustrating since you cannot advance your career without your boss's interest in guiding you. In a position like this, they hold all the cards and make it a losing proposition for you.

Signs Its Time to Start Job Hunting

Your job feels like a road to nowhere.

We all start with high hopes that the job we accept will lead to a promising future. If your role doesn't show signs of progression, you may have to consider other options. Maybe there is upward mobility in another department. If this is the case, great! If not, you may need to start looking for opportunities for advancement elsewhere. Seeking other opportunities may mean going outside of your comfort zone, but it's a better option than sitting idle and becoming stagnant. If you wait too long to seek another opportunity while your current position doesn't progress, you may become resentful. At that point, it usually doesn't end well for anyone.

Your workplace is becoming too toxic.

Working in a company or department that is toxic can damage you and your future with another company in the short run. Your state of mind or mental wellness plays a vital role in how you function at work and how you are perceived. Working in a toxic environment can lead to sleep problems and incivility according to a study by Psych.net. What can start as slight levels of toxicity may build up to significant dysfunction, especially as you and other involved parties ruminate on the day-to-day problems in the workplace. Eventually, this leads to decreased productivity levels at work, sleepless nights and trouble that encroaches into your personal life. It's better to seek a positive environment through other employment than waiting too long hoping for things to change. Hanging on in a toxic workplace eventually changes you as an employee and a person and makes it impossible to leave on a good note.

Your lifestyle or priorities are changing.

Are you are anticipating some significant changes in your lifestyle soon? Whether you're getting married, looking to buy a house or growing your family, any of these changes might require a more substantial income. Or, you could be looking to improve your work-life balance. Would you prefer to work remotely or change your work schedule, but your company cannot accommodate it? If any of these situations sound familiar, it may be time to start planning for a career move. A new job can help you accomplish your goals and better support your lifestyle or changing priorities.

You are bored in your job and work long hours.

Money isn't necessarily the biggest reason to leave a job. Two of the most common reasons people choose to jump ship “in almost every field is for two reasons, boredom and long hours." Considering that most people spend an inordinate amount of time at work, the last thing anyone wants is to become bored with their job. Boredom or long work hours can make life extremely tiring and stressful. If you feel as though you are living at work or dislike what you do, you are likely less productive. You are also potentially disconnected from your work output and your teammates. It may be a good time to look for a job that can offer you more satisfaction and a bit more balance in your life.

The company is in questionable financial shape or unstable.

Maybe you love your job and the people you work with are amazing, but the company is in rough financial shape and unstable. No matter how happy you are in your job, an unstable environment can cause you many sleepless nights and stress during the working hours. Before the wheels fall off the wagon, consider looking for a longer-term work solution. Your future and family should be your top priority. Finding a company to work for that can offer some peace of mind is essential for your mental and physical well-being.

If any of these situations sound familiar, it may be time to take that next step towards a rewarding and stable career. Research your career options and look into the types of jobs that may provide you with the future career path you're seeking. Make sure to consider your career interests, compensation and job outlook. Avoid being passive by polishing up your resume, and find a job that allows you to get more control in your career and future direction.

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