6 Signs You're a Nerd Mom or Geek Dad

6 Signs You're a Nerd Mom or Geek Dad

Modis Posted 11 May 2018

Starting a family can be an exciting adventure on many different levels, and there’s something equally thrilling about having an opportunity to pass along some of your quirky interests and lifelong passions to your little tykes.

For a lot of folks, bringing up kids comes naturally, though not everyone follows the well-trodden path to parenting. Why be “normal” if it doesn’t come naturally to you to begin with, right?

There’s nothing wrong with raising your young to appreciate the finer things in life, like galactic space operas, tabletop RPGs, and dressing up in elaborate homemade costumes. Have you noticed that other parents occasionally cast slightly puzzled looks at you or break into nervous laughter when you’re nerding out about things that seem normal to your family? Here are six signs that you just might be nerd mom or geek dad, which (for the record) is totally cool in our book:

1. Family “trips to the zoo” are more like family “trips to ComiCon.”

For many families, group outings can be a grand adventure full of fun and excitement, though not everyone is content to do the same old typical stuff you’d expect from a getaway with the kids. Instead of boring trips to the zoo, you plan offbeat outings to geek conventions and stranger attractions.

2. Your child’s second language is Klingon (or at least you tried to “make it so”).

Foreign language is typically a requisite avenue of study in high school, although some enthusiastic parents like to get the ball rolling a little sooner. Teaching your kids to be bilingual is one thing, but attempting to teach them a made-up sci-fi from the popular Star Trek series is… a little out of this world. Sound a bit too crazy to be real? Think again!

3. Building blanket forts become a family affair (that takes up half of your house).

Other families might build a blanket for now and then, but you’ve turned it into an artform. Engineering feats of fabric wizardry, your household blanket structures turn out more like sprawling fortresses of doom complete with moats, traps, multiple stories, and secret escape tunnels.

4. Your child is the only kid on the block to own a collection of original vintage 1980s Star Wars action figures.

They don’t make them like they used to, right? Vintage toys can be a blast from the past and a great way to share your passion with your little ones. Passing down your meticulously assembled collection of geeky action figures from eras long past is a special gift, and the fact you kept them so well preserved is a testament to your nerdy leanings.

5. You get more excited about Halloween than your kids do.

For your kids, Halloween is all about dressing up in spooky or silly costumes to get candy, but for you, it’s the one time of the year you can pull out all the stops and get your Cosplay ya-yas out. Crafting elaborate costumes to match with your kids can be a blast, though perhaps you might find you sometimes go a little overboard? We’re looking at you Aliens “Power Loader” Dad.

6. Your kids are rocking clothes adorned with awesome bands they’ve never heard.

Rock music geeks are a creature unto themselves, and rock music geek parents have the tendency to want to turn their offspring on to their favorite bands. From obscure punk band onesies to faux-faded tees of hard to pronounce metal bands, it can be super hard to resist decking out your kiddos in the coolest band memorabilia from the days of old–whether they’ve heard the music or not. You never know, maybe they’ll grow into it, right?

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