8 Arduino Projects to do this Weekend

8 Arduino Projects to do this Weekend

Modis Posted 12 April 2018

Who doesn’t love building things? Take those tech and engineering skills and create something amazing this weekend with one of these Arduino projects. You’ll hone your coding skills and make something useful – it’s a win/win!

Snooze-Proof Alarm Clock

If you struggle to wake up in the morning, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for! The snoozabot is an alarm clock that will not let you stay in bed. Using an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, a Walabot, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and the IFTTT app, you can connect a whole array of gadgets, such as lights and sirens, designed to wake you up and make sure you stay awake. Build your own with the detailed instructions here.

WiFi PC Keyboard

This is a wireless keyboard designed specifically to work with Netflix and YouTube on a PC. With just a handful of hardware components controlled by AutoDesk Fusion 360 and Arduino IDE, you’ll have a remote control that will mean you’ll never have to get out of bed again when you’re watching movies on your laptop and need to pause, rewind or change the volume. Get info here.

Minecraft Sword

In just three short hours, you could have a Minecraft sword in your hand that controls the Minecraft sword on the screen. All you need is two hardware components, two apps and a CNC Router then voila! Minecraft sword created. Find out how to build it here.

Herb Box Eco System

This project involves more components and will consume your whole weekend, but will result in you having an herb care system that will log humidity, automatically irrigate, and switch a plant growing lamp on so that your plants will never die from neglect or over-watering again. More details here.

Magnetic Levitation Gadget

This doesn’t really have any practical use, but it looks great. Make smaller magnets levitate with the use of a larger electromagnet. It’s cheap, quick and easy to make, so why wouldn’t you? Everyone needs levitating magnets in their life! Get the info here.

Piano Hero

Use your engineering skills to develop your musical ability by building an electronic piano using a MIDI keyboard and Android Things. Inspired by Guitar Hero, Piano Hero can teach you to play simple songs. Get building instructions here.

Challenging Maze Game

This easy-to-build maze game will only take you a few hours to build, but it will keep you entertained for hours as you try to guide the dot through the mazes. As soon as you find your way through one, it automatically takes you into another. Once you’re in, you may never find your way out! Get details here.

Magical Location Clock

This final project idea is a bit more challenging but perfect for you if you’re never sure where your family are. Keep track of them using this Harry Potter-inspired gadget that uses the GPS on their phone to keep the clock updated with their location. Handy, but maybe also a bit scary! Building instructions here.

These are just a handful of the hundreds of Arduino projects people are creating and sharing online. You can find many more on Hackster and Create Arduino. Happy building!

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