Branch of the Year - Words of Wisdom

Branch of the Year - Words of Wisdom

Modis Posted 13 April 2016

Recently, we got to know Dallas, TX and San Antonio, TX, the winners of the Modis 2016 Branch of the Year award. This week, we revisit these branches to learn valuable advice for job seekers and hiring managers alike.

A Successful Team Works Together

“We strive to celebrate each other's personal and work achievements, through good times and bad,” said Marcia Custodio, Business Development Manager for Modis San Antonio. There's an inherent loyalty that's created through this kind of relationship and we all feel the need to do our part because of it.”

Jeff Koc, Managing Director of Modis Dallas, agrees: “We operate as one. We either win or lose as a team.”

Relationships Matter When You're Looking For a Job

Asking good questions and doing your research is important when you're looking for a new job opportunity, but building a solid working relationship with your recruiter helps them help you.

“A recruiter and a recruiting company are working your behalf, so make sure you are playing your part to form that win-win scenario. Burning bridges of any sort will always come back to haunt you,” said Jeff.

“Develop a relationship with a recruiter who has been in the industry and market for many years,” Marcia adds. “This is your career… who can you trust?”

Secure Top Talent by Hiring Quickly

Many companies are hesitant to hire a top tier candidate if they're among the first they interview, but our Branch of the Year representatives encourage you to hire quickly when you find the right fit.

Jeff says, “In a market such as this, one has to be decisive. Inability to hire 'quickly' may cost a client from getting top talent.”

Demand for Tech Talent is High

Within IT placement, the skills being most highly sought right now are front end design (UI/UX), Dana Analytics, and the spectrum of Security. Jeff names Dev Ops “the position of 2016”.

If you've thought about hiring new tech talent or are on the hunt for an IT job you love in the Dallas/Fort Worth or San Antonio area, our teams would love to help you. Get in touch with a qualified recruiter with Modis Dallas or Modis San Antonio today and start the process.

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