Celebrating Women in STEM | Ginni Rometty | US

Celebrating Women in STEM | Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty is IBM's first female CEO

Ginni Rometty began her career with IBM in 1981 as a systems engineer and worked her way to the top. She spent 40 years with the company before retiring in 2020 as one of approximately 29 female CEOs of S&P 500 companies.

"Ginni became Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of IBM in 2012 and retired from the company as Executive Chairman on December 31, 2020. During her tenure she made bold changes to reposition IBM for the future, investing in high value segments of the IT market and optimizing the company’s portfolio. Under Ginni’s leadership, IBM built out key capabilities in hybrid cloud, security, quantum computing, industry expertise, and data and AI, both organically and through acquisition. IBM acquired 65 companies during Ginni’s tenure as CEO, including Red Hat, the largest acquisition in the company’s history. She reinvented more than 50% of IBM’s portfolio, built a $21 billion hybrid cloud business and established IBM’s leadership in AI, quantum computing and blockchain, while divesting nearly $10 billion in annual revenue to focus the portfolio on IBM’s high-value, integrated offerings."

Image Credit: Market Watch

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