Celebrating Women in STEM | Grace Hopper | US

Celebrating Women in STEM | Grace Hopper

Posted 30 January 2014
Grace Hopper, computer pioneer and naval officer

Grace Hopper was a woman who did not take no for an answer. From joining the Navy to becoming a computer pioneer, Grace showed persistence and determination at every turn. Although initially rejected from joining the Navy during WWII, she went on to have a successful naval career retiring at the age of 79 as rear admiral.

During her career Grace was a part of numerous computer projects including being one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark 1 computer. Among her many computer pioneering achievements are coining the term "bug" and designing one of the first compliers used to translate a programmer's instructions into computer codes.

"Hopper is best known for her trailblazing contributions to computer programming, software development, and the design and implementation of programming languages. A maverick and an innovator, she enjoyed long and influential careers in the U.S. Navy and the computer industry."

Image Credit: Yale

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