Celebrating Women in STEM | Kimberly Bryant | US

Celebrating Women in STEM | Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant, Founder of Black Girls Code

Kimberly Bryant founded Black Girls Code, an organization aimed at making the world of tech more inclusive. Originally beginning her career as an electrical engineer, Kimberly spent over 25 years working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries before launching Black Girls Code in 2011.

"Two years before Google released its first diversity report in 2014, which shined a spotlight on the lack of inclusion in tech, Kimberly Bryant was already working on a solution to the problem. The report revealed that just two percent of Google’s 50,000 employees were black, three percent were Latinx, and only 30 percent were women. This confirmed what Bryant already knew — that black and Latinx women are sorely underrepresented in tech."

Image Credit: Tech Republic

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