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Celebrating Women in STEM | Margaret Knight

Posted 30 March 2021

Margaret Knight, 19th century American inventor

Margaret Knight was a successful inventor in the 1800s who was sometimes characterized as “The Thomas Edison of female inventors,” “a female Edison” and “Lady Edison.” From the paper bag industry, to shoe industry and even the automotive industry, Margaret created at least 89 inventions with 22 patented in the United States.

"Historians do not agree on the definitive number of innovations created by many 19th century female inventors, including Ms. Knight. The 89 inventions attributed to her derives from an interview she gave late in her life. Given her long career, it is quite possible that she may not have considered some of her many incremental innovations to be properly described as “inventions.” Unfortunately, given the lack of written records, we’ll probably never know the true extent of Ms. Knight’s inventive genius."

Image Credit: Headshot and Paper Bag Machine

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