Nerd Podcast for Everyone: Our Top 6 Geek & Tech Podcasts

Nerd Podcast for Everyone: Our Top 6 Geek & Tech Podcasts

Modis Posted 27 April 2016

Must-Listen Geek and Tech Related Podcasts


The rise of podcasting in recent years has opened the door to a veritable flood of fascinating and informative audio content. With hundreds of thousands of on-demand shows to download for free, you can find amazing podcasts on just about any topic imaginable.

For folks who like a taste of techie shop talk or crave audio programming that speaks to their inner geek, we've got some essential podcasts picks for you to check out. Trust us: your ears and brains will approve. Find the nerd podcast for you!

Reply All

Gimlet Media's Reply All is an often humorous, always gripping show that's explores the intriguing depths of the Internet and how it affect it our world. Most episodes feature journalism-style reporting delivered in an engaging story-driven format, and topics typically run a broad gamut from the weird to the utterly captivating.

TED Radio Hour

If you haven't heard about them yet, TED conferences (which stands for technology, entertainment, and design) are a popular draw among entrepreneurial circles and innovative thinkers around the world. NPR's TED Radio Hour podcast adapts the format into an hour-long show centered around interesting themes and concepts. It's a great grab back of geeky subject matter.


TV personality Chris Hardwick and his co-hosts, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, talk about all things geeky on this mega-popular nerd podcast. The show is also known for its parade of awesome guests, like Sir Patrick Stewart, David Duchovny, Kirsten Dunst, Jack Black and many more. This one is definitely a top pick if you're into films and sci-fi, though it features musicians and other surprise guests, too. 

Coding Blocks

Interested in programming, software development and shop talk of the ones and zeroes variety? Coding Blocks is an entertaining techie podcast that digs into life as a developer. It features lots of stories, tool tips to check out, and topical content for programmers. Co-hosted by a trio of experienced, professional programs, this show walk the line between lighthearted entertainment and nitty-gritty code geeky.


Much like Gimlet Media's other excellent shows, Startup's story-driven approach makes for absorbing listening on topics of interest to tech folks. This show specifically hones in on the ins and outs of starting a new business - the entire first season actually covers the host's journey in starting the podcast and a new media company. The podcast has since diversified, but it's a neat listen if you're interested in entrepreneurship and technology.

Kinda Funny Gamescast

Run by a bunch of former journalists and media personalities in the games industry who left IGN to start their own podcasting and video site, the Kinda Funny crew puts on a good show across several audio and video podcasts. The Kinda Funny Gamescast, in particular, is well worth a listen for its amusing banter, insightful games commentary, and nerdy shenanigans.


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