Programming Languages that Accelerate your Career

Programming Languages that Accelerate your Career

Modis Posted 02 May 2016

As much as the world of technology seems to change, there is one constant – coders are always in high demand. However, meeting that demand has been a major challenge for many organizations, and ironically, many programmers remain unemployed.

That conundrum has been created by transformational business changes, such as the adoption of the cloud, software as a service (SaaS) ideologies and even the adoption of agile techniques. While those changes should spell out opportunity, the reverse seems to be true for many job seekers whose skill sets are quickly becoming stagnant due to rapid changes in the ideologies of building applications.

Those looking to embrace change and seize the opportunities the next generation of application development offers can turn to educational resources and re-educate themselves in ways to address the demands of the market. This starts with learning what programing languages offer the most promise going forward.

Coding Jobs in Hot Demand has compiled a list of the most in-demand programing jobs based upon mining current industry job openings. The results are somewhat surprising and give a clear indication of what languages are in demand.


For example, over 50,000 open positions were available for SQL programmers. SQL comes in many flavors, such as MySQL, PostgeSQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL. So which flavor of SQL should a programmer pursue? As it stands now, Oracle has the largest market share, with MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server following closely behind. That said, SQL across platforms seems to have more in common than not. In other words, learn one SQL, and the others prove to be similar enough to ease the transition.


The world of coding doesn't end with SQL. Java ranks high among skills in demand with over 45,000 job openings identified. Java has been around some 20 years and is one of the most widely used programming languages, with over 9 million developers plugging away to create code that runs on over 7 billion devices. It's a good bet to have expertise in Java if you are looking to get a job as a coder.


Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is also in big demand, with more than 40,000 job openings identified. JavaScript is the primary language behind creating interactive webpages. JavaScript has become the defacto scripting language of the World Wide Web, and is directly supported by all major web browsers. If you are looking to program for the web, JavaScript expertise is a must have.

C# and C++

C# and C++ are two additional languages that show opportunity. C# was designed by Microsoft and is aimed at the development of enterprise applications that run on Microsoft's .NET framework. If the potential employer is a Microsoft shop, it is a sure bet that C# skills are in demand. C# is very different from C++ and is basically an advanced evolution of C++, which is a much older language, yet is still in great demand. Several applications were originally written in C++ and its object orientated ideology is an excellent skill set for any program to master.

Other Programming Languages to Master

Other contenders to learn include Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails. While numerous opportunities currently exist with those languages, they currently only make up a subset of the in-demand programming market. Python and PHP remain some of the most important programing languages to master. According to, Python is poised for growth and has steadily increased year over year since its release. PHP is used on over 80% of websites today, meaning that in a web-based world, PHP is one of the top skill sets to have.

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