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Tech That Helps You Go Green

Modis Posted 20 April 2019

In honor of Earth Day, we put together a list of tech tools that will help you go green by doing things like find green accommodations or help your business cut back on paper usage. Even if you haven't made the move to an all green office environment, the smallest eco-friendly changes are enough to make a major impact on the Earth. Take a look!

1. Take Eco-Friendly Trips with Green Globe App

This app attempts to cover all eco-friendly bases by listing attractions, hotels, airlines, and a myriad of other resources that are green. The goal of this app is to help you find green businesses no matter where you travel. Check-in with the Green Globe app every time you leave your home to reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Cut Down on Printing with Slack

This cloud-based team management tool can help cut back the amount of paper used within the average North American office (12.1 trillion sheets of paper are used in U.S. offices annually!). Slack can be used to communicate with team members, upload documents, hold conversations, and relay messages - all without using a single piece of paper.

3. Start Digitally Proofing with Awesome Screenshot

There's no need to print, scan, mock-up, and return a newsletter or print graphic to a client or team member with Awesome Screenshot. This Chrome app makes it possible to edit images in the cloud and share with anyone for additional feedback.

giving feedback

4. Use Cloud-Based Invoicing with Freshbooks

Invoicing is made a lot simpler with Freshbooks. This tool can send out invoices on time, keep track of billing, and help any company, large or small, send and receive payments on time. Freshbooks is entirely cloud-based, so no paper or pens (or small cramped ledger books) required.

5. Eliminate Distractions with FocusWriter

Sometimes disconnecting is the only way to produce a lengthy document, but that doesn't necessarily mean going the paper route. FocusWriter lets you write undistracted by blocking any outside annoyances like Skype or other messenger services. Tabs that might be open for research purposes are hidden at the bottom of your screen as well, so you can really write distraction free. This app also includes a spellcheck option.

6. Train Online with Web-based Courses

Technology training (such as the courses that are offered through taught online instead of in the classroom or office space can help to cut back on the amount of paper wasted annually. Working with companies that offer online coursework as an alternative to in-class exercises is both environmentally friendly and easily accessible. It also allows for employees to complete training exercises at their own pace.

Don't Just Go Green In the Office

Going green isn't just about reducing the amount of waste inside the office. Doing things like putting your console in sleep mode when not in use can also contribute to a greener lifestyle. Some of the apps and programs listed above might seem foreign at first, but soon they will become hard to live without.

What are your top green tech tools?

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