Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Modis Posted 09 January 2020

Finding a lucrative tech job used to mean spending your salary on either East or West Coast rent. Now that tech hubs have sprawled across the country, and several cities boast vibrant tech communities. Technology companies stimulate the economy by providing jobs and also bringing prestige to cities that call these companies home.

Tech entrepreneurs also tend to cluster together, providing job seekers with ample opportunity to jump from one company to the next without moving across the nation. The following cities are current hotbeds for job seekers with the right tech skills and ambition. 

Best Tech Cities

To be considered a tech hub, a city must have more than one technology employer offering lucrative positions. Many of these cities also have affordable housing and a higher than average quality of life.

  • Columbus, Ohio: the midwest is overlooked when it comes to tech employment, but Columbus is home to more than a handful of tech startups. The median IT salary in Columbus is around $90,000 - not a bad salary to have, considering the average income in Columbus is $50,000.
  • Dallas, Texas: Dallas isn't so much steeped in cowboys and country music as it is technology startups. Fintech, e-commerce, and software development companies make up a large portion of Dallas' downtown business core. The average IT salary in Dallas is $90,000.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina: Raleigh has seen a recent tech boom that comes with a median salary for IT professionals in the $90,000 range. Raleigh is also far more affordable than most cities on the East or West Coast, putting it at the top of many job seeker lists.
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa: tech accelerators and entrepreneurs are both taking a closer look at this Iowa town of 130,000. Iowa is the perfect middle ground for technology companies to set up shop due to low rents and a better-than-average way of life. If you make the move to Iowa, you can expect to earn around $80,000 annually.
  • Portland, Oregon: long lauded as the city responsible for punk rock and vegan trends, Portland is also a major tech hub that's overlooked. While your money won't go as far in Portland as it would in Cedar Rapids, it's still a town worth considering if you like breathtaking landscapes and vibrant nightlife. The average IT salary in Portland is $70,000.
  • Tampa, Florida: when you think of tech, you probably don't think of Tampa, Florida, but the Sunshine State has a bubbling tech community in Tampa. Fifty tech companies call Tampa home, and it's one of the city's best-kept secrets. While not the highest average IT salary on this list at $70,000, Tampa does come with low rent and lots of sunshine.

For a better idea of what you can earn elsewhere with the skills you have, take a look at our salary guide and compare your current position with available jobs in a new area.

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Emerging Tech Cities Are Worth A Closer Look

It might seem risky to set your sights on Iowa or Ohio when tech has a longstanding tradition in California and Boston that isn't dissipating. But where there's one tech company, another will follow (and many already exist in the cities listed above).

The technology landscape is rapidly shifting with new tech opportunities popping up daily in sectors you may not have heard of yet. Many of these new companies are seeking low rent and a chance to build a tech hub in a city where IT professionals want to live.

The advantage of getting in early on one of the fastest-growing tech cities is that you can secure a lucrative job on the ground floor, which means more money lining your pockets very soon.

Take a look at our job listings page and don't skip over the cities you haven't heard of yet -- they're worth more than a second look and may provide the job freedom you've been searching for.

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