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Video Interview Tips to Help Land the Job

Modis Posted 20 May 2020

The world of work has evolved immensely over the past few weeks, from teams working remotely for the first time, to businesses putting new protocols in places to protect their employees’ safety.

As many industries are continuing to thrive in these uncertain times, they’re looking for top talent to join their teams. With shelter in place and social distancing practices, traditional in office interviews are on hold, even if hiring is not. Video interviews have become a new norm, but what happens if you’ve never been part of a video interview? We have some tips to help you succeed during your interview, just like you would a traditional interview.

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  1. Test Platform

    Whether you’re using a new video platform or one you’ve used for years, be sure to log in ahead of the interview to make sure everything is functioning properly. Take a few extra minutes to test the clarity of your audio and video. You want your interviewer to be able to see and hear your clearly. Keep in mind that each platform is different and may require additional set up, so give yourself plenty of time. If you're using a previously created account, be sure your username is up-to-date and work appropriate. If not, this may be a good time to set up a new one.

  2. Set the Stage

    You're the star of the show, so make sure your background doesn't outshine you. Position yourself at a table, against a plain, neutral background. Avoid staring down into the camera, elevate your laptop. Test the lighting in the room to make sure the interviewer can see you clearly, avoid the room being too bright or too dark.

  3. What to Bring

    Just like in a traditional interview, be sure to have a copy of your resume at hand and be ready to digitally resend to the interviewer. Have pen and paper at hand to take notes and write down questions you may think of throughout the interview. Also keep a glass of water next to you, just in case. And most importantly, if possible, connect your laptop to the charger. You don't want your laptop to die at the wrong moment.

  4. What to Wear

    Although you're interviewing from your home and on a small screen, it's recommended to dress professionally from head to toe. Your camera may shift, or you may have to stand up to retrieve something during the interview which could show your entire outfit. Better to be safe than sorry.

  5. Maintain Eye Contact

    It can be tricky to determine where to look when using video equipment. To avoid any confusion, move the image of the interviewer to the top of your screen just under the camera which allows you to make eye contact and see their reactions to what you are saying. You have great skills and experience, so demonstrate them by speaking into the camera, NOT into the screen, with a nice smile!

  6. Be Prepared

    You'll have your laptop in front of you, but this isn't an open book interview. Prepare yourself for the interview just like you would if you were sitting across the table from your interviewer. Research the company in depth, get to who is interviewing you and prepare your own questions. Since your interviewer cannot see your desk or screen attach post-its around the laptop screen with prompts and questions you wish to ask.

  7. Say Thank You

    Like any other interview, send a thank you note or email within 6-8 hours of the interview. Send a separate thank-you note to each of your interviewers. Since you may be sending a thank you note to multiple interviewers, make the note personal as best you can so they all aren't receiving the same generic email or note.

Video interviews may seem like uncharted territory but many of the tips and tricks shared for traditional interviews still apply. You've already stood out from the piles of resumes in order to land this interview, now it’s time to get the job!

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