Job Descriptions of Embedded Systems Engineers

The latest comprehensive embedded systems job descriptions.

Biomedical Engineer

Designs, develops and provides safety testing, repair and maintenance of biomedical equipment. Ensures the equipment is in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and quality control standards. Requires a bachelor’s degree and 0-2 years of direct experience in the field. Relies on limited experience and judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor.

Embedded Systems Architect

Embedded Systems Architect responsibilities include designing and implementing software of embedded devices and systems, review and design code, integrate and validate new product designs, and develop system software from design through debugging. Proven work experience in software engineering required. Experience in embedded systems design with preemptive, multitasking real-time operating systems is also necessary.

Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded software engineer develops embedded software programs. Required to collaborate with clients and conceive programs based on client specifications and needs. Must review and maintain system once developed. Client-facing communication skills are necessary. Often needs to work as part of a larger team. Specialized degree in embedded software engineering is needed.

Embedded Systems Engineer

Embedded Systems engineer is responsible for the design, development, production, testing, and maintenance of embedded systems. Tests systems regularly to eliminate potential issues, provides system level support working with cross functional teams ( Mechanical, Software , Hardware, etc) . Systems Engineer provides Subject Matter Expert level experience in Software & Hardware Integration. Computer science or engineering degree required.

Firmware Engineer

Firmware engineer creates software used in programmable devices. Designs and implements algorithms for firmware. Required to create technical documents describing firmware usage. Oversees firmware development process from design to creation. Manages updates and provides support. May be asked to alter existing software based on company needs. Firmware engineering certification required.

Hardware Engineer

Responsible for all aspects of the electrical design of an Electrical System including high-speed digital, power management, PCB layouts and thermal management. Collaborates with algorithm and software team to define and implement high-performance computing platforms. Works directly with System Architecture, Firmware, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to realize future generations of autonomous driving system solution. Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Hardware Test Engineer

Hardware test engineer designs, implements, and tests hardware systems. Uses a wide array of testing techniques. Reviews and tests hardware regularly. Records changes made to hardware and problems related to hardware. Must have the ability to work autonomously and be adept at problem solving. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field is mandatory.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App developer is responsible for writing software for hardware functionality on various handheld mobile devices. They work closely with design and development teams. Requirements for this role typical includes a bachelor’s degree and extensive software development experience.

Printed Circuit Board Designer

Printed circuit board designer develops and designs circuit boards. Creates and designs blueprints for circuit boards. Works with larger team to create circuit boards based on company requirements. Typically works for software companies. Must have team collaboration skills and be able to work independently. Background in software engineering or numerous years of experience designing circuit boards is required.

R&D Engineer

Research and development engineers create new products and rethink existing products. Can also be required to research new products and test current products. Often works with marketing teams, executive teams, and other related employees. R&D engineers report to project managers. Must have good leadership and communication skills. An engineering background is preferred.

Software Test Engineer

Software test engineers are responsible for developing and implementing testing methods, reporting test results and recommending improvements to software programs. Creates Test software to test functionality of Product Code. Job requirements typically includes a bachelor’s degree along with excellent technical skills, communications skill and creativity.