10 things to talk about at work.

Modis Publié 28 March 2017

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for things to talk about while you’re at work? Do you fear the dreaded pause in workplace chatter? Banish those workplace conversation lulls with these work appropriate conversation topics! Keeping these conversation ideas in your back pocket can help you build relationships with your colleagues and grow your network. Whether they’re for IMs or water-cooler talk, you’re sure to find a topic you can relate to!

Local News

Think about some interesting or exciting local developments you may have heard of in the news. If it is something that could impact coworkers, odds are it may be of interest to them. Maybe it’s a new recreation center, park, medical center or shopping mall that’s being planned or completed. Talk about the benefits and how you may plan to make use of it. Ask coworkers about their thoughts around it. Try to stick with positive news to keep things upbeat.

Events You’re Attending

Talk about interesting events you are planning to attend or have attended in the past. Maybe you recently went to a concert, sporting event or even a convention. It doesn’t have to be related to a leisure activity, it can be work related! Discuss your experience, thoughts, and feelings about it, and make sure to ask others about their plans or experiences also. Ask others how their evening or weekend went first, it shows you are interested in getting to know them as an individual and not just as a coworker.

Happenings in Your Area

When things happen in your area, discussing it with coworkers helps them to understand more about you as a person and not just a work peer. Something that’s happening in your neighborhood may have an impact on theirs later, giving you even more things to talk about.

Your Children or Pets

Maybe your children are taking up a new sport or hobby that could be of interest to your coworkers’ children also. If you recently bought a pet and want to get pointers on training or care, this can be an area of common interest. Have pictures handy! Who can resist a cute photo of kids or animals?

TV Shows, Movies or Music

If you’ve been keeping up with television shows, like Game of Thrones, or you’ve seen a new movie, are interested in seeing one, or even heard a new song, these can become easy things to talk about with most coworkers. These topics can create ongoing dialogue, especially when other people have the same common interests.

Restaurants, Bistros or Coffee Shops

Ventured to a new restaurant lately? Share your thoughts on it! This is a topic many of your coworkers might like to know more about as they search for new places to eat. It doesn’t have to be a four-star restaurant, sometimes it can be a new place even coworkers can go to as a team to grab a quick drink or bite to eat.

Awesome Vacation Ideas and Weekend Trips

Share ideas on vacations and weekend trips you’ve been on, or even places you would like to go. You’d be surprised: sometimes your coworkers have been to places you never thought about going. Ask them about their holiday plans or if they’ve been to a particular place that you are thinking about. Some of the best vacation ideas come from coworkers!

Shopping Tips

Talk about recent purchases, things you may be thinking of purchasing, or services you’ve acquired from hair salons, automotive shops, pet grooming services, etc. Sharing experiences about things you’ve bought or getting advice from others on things you may be interested in can provide mutually beneficial results for everyone involved and can provide opportunities for future conversations about the purchase or deals you may get.

Daily Life

Discussions around daily life events, especially if they’re humorous, create opportunities to connect with coworkers at all levels. This can be everything from courses you’re taking, car troubles, traffic and weather issues, to house repairs. These are a way to open up and connect on a more personal level with those you work with.

Productivity and Troubleshooting Pointers

Sharing helpful pointers and ideas about how to best tackle work related issues can create a connection between peers while demonstrating a willingness to help others. This can also increase collaboration among coworkers while building rapport.

Any of these topics and tips can help reduce conversation lulls and connect coworkers. Just be yourself, and make sure to show a sincere interest in the opinions, feelings, and contributions of others.

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