5 amazing drone shows.

Modis Publié 27 March 2018

Drone shows are exploding across the world, showcasing what this technology can do when used on a larger scale.

When first developed, putting on spectacular nighttime light shows weren’t at the top of the “development purpose” list, but drones have come a long way from standard camera-spying and military usage. Here are some incredible drone shows we think you’ll love.

The Drone Show on a Global Stage

Intel used more than 300 drones to light up the sky during the this year’s global sports event. The company created various forms including “Soohorang,” this year’s mascot. The show itself was spectacular but the technology behind the show is what really the star. Every drone that took part in the show was controlled by one pilot and had more than four-billion possible color combinations.

Intel’s CES 2018 Show at The Bellagio

Intel went all out “Vegas-Style” at this year’s CES Conferences held in Las Vegas, Nevada. To show off some of its drone capabilities, Intel used more than 250 “Shooting Star” drones to light up the sky over the popular hotel and casino, “The Bellagio.” The drones put on a daily show for a week to demonstrate Intel’s drone progress and were controlled by one pilot.

The Dolce and Gabbana Drone Fashion Show

The fashion house of Dolce and Gabbana used drones instead of live models during one of its latest fashion shows. The Dolce drones carried handbags down the runway for onlookers to see. This is the first time that drones have been used instead of models during a major fashion show.

Drones at Disney

In 2016, Intel took center stage at a drone light show at Disney World. The company flew more than 300 drones (operated by a single pilot) at Walt Disney World’s “Disney Springs” to celebrate the holiday season. The “starlight” drones gained plenty of viewers and lots of views on YouTube!


Last year’s “Coachella” festival was lit – with drones, that is. Drones tumbled past center stage much to the delight of onlookers. The drones formed various lots of whimsical patterns in multiple colors. Will the drones be back at the festival this year? There’s no word yet, but it seems like this is where entertainment is heading!

Drones can do a lot more than entertain large crowds, but it’s fun to see this tech lighting up night skies and showing the public what they can do. Most of the drones used during these shows were customized for the event and took months to plan and execute (in the case of the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show, the drones almost didn’t make it off the ground!)

Drones that have been developed with the purpose of filming or executing other actions can’t put on light shows, but this technology has come a long way from its humble beginnings – and now we’re starting to see the tech in a whole new light.

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