6 must-follow nerd video channels on YouTube.

Modis Publié 16 June 2016

The days of parking it in front of the TV to get your entertainment fix may not be a thing of the past just yet, but online videos are taking over the watching world. With the explosion of quirky YouTube channels catering to all manner of tastes, you don’t have to look far to satiate your thirst for top-notch nerd video content. From cool science and techie talk to gaming and other geeky topics, here are six nerdy video channels that are well worth subscribing to.


Looking to blow your mind while expanding it at the same time? Michael Stevens and his team at VSAUCE tackle tons of bizarre and fascinating topics geared towards fellow nerds. Aside from being well-produced, his witty video treatments of topics including human extinction, Internet culture, science, space, the planet, and technology are jam packed with brain-bending facts delivered in digestible blasts of fun.

Geek & Sundry

Actress and geek icon Felicia Day is joined by the likes of Whil Wheaton, Bryan Singer, and more on this star-studded series of video shows. Subscribers to this popular channel can expect a steady drip of hilarious daily shows and segments on the latest video games, board games, LARPing, sci-fi, and loaded countless other flavors of nerdy video antics. Charm, humor, and extreme geekery abounds!

Deep Sky Videos

Space…the final frontier! If you’re a space nerd, DeepSkyVideos is a can’t miss channel that opens-up a massive wormhole of knowledge on the vast cosmos beyond our own galaxy. Here, you’ll find videos exploring the mysteries of deep space, a look at celestial anomalies, and their connection to our own world. Insights from expert scientists and astronomers round out the fascinating stellar content on this video channel.


Most people cherish the favorite tech doodads and will do everything they can to keep them from harm. TechRax falls on the opposite end of that spectrum, preferring to concoct increasingly crazy ways to test, damage, and destroy expensive items like smartphones and gaming gear—all in the name of curiosity and entertainment. This channel isn’t for the gadget-gore squeamish, as it features outlandish experiments ranging from dipping cheeseburger-wrapped iPhones in acid to hurling tech into molten lava. It’s crazy stuff, but trust us: you won’t be able to look away.

The Nerdist

Have you caught our recent geek and tech podcast recommendations post? Then you may already have killer content from The Nerdist streaming into your earbuds. But if you also crave more geeky greatness from Chris Hardwick and his online cohorts, we highly recommend stopping by The Nerdist’s YouTube channel for more awesome content. Chris and his pals cover the latest and greatest in gaming, comics, movies, and nerd culture at large. There’s never a dull moment!

Unbox Therapy

Unboxing videos are a strange phenomenon on the Internet, but after spending some time on Unbox Therapy, we definitely see the appeal. In fact, we were instantly hooked on this channel’s cool mix of traditional unboxing videos and hands-on testing reviews. For anyone whose taste in tech gadgets runs on the weirder side, the wider range of gadgets and tech oddities covered on Unbox Therapy will definitely scratch a certain viewing itch.

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