6 things you should do when you didn’t get the job.

Modis Publié 18 July 2018
You just got home from an interview and you’re not sure how it went. The deadline for the position goes by when you receive a phone call informing you that you did not get the position. You’re feeling stressed and upset, now what do you do? Take a deep breath and stay calm, it happens to the best of us. The good news is that just because you didn’t get the job, it is not the end of the world. There are six things you can do to get back on your feet.


1. Don’t Give Up

Even though you may be thinking it is easier said than done, giving up will not get you an interview or a new job. It is okay to feel down and take a minute to own your feelings, just don’t wallow in them or give up. Dust yourself off and continue job hunting. There is a job out there for you, you just need to have some patience and keep looking. Another important point is to continue your job hunting efforts even if you have a job interview to ensure you have a backup plan in case that interview does not work out.

2. Turn a Negative Into A Positive

Instead of getting mad that you didn’t get the job, find a productive way to turn a negative outcome into something positive. As a note, do not speak badly about a company for not hiring you-you never know what the future brings! Also, you don’t know who is listening. Anything you say on social media platforms can be used against you. It is not uncommon for companies to look at your social media posts, and those posts could cost you a potential job with future companies. Rather than seeing only the negative aspects of this experience, take accountability and learn from this experience. This leads to the next point.

3. Ask for Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask the hiring team for feedback. This can help you learn from the experience and do better in your next interview. To break the ice, send the interviewer or hiring team a thank you letter or email. In the email, you should thank them for their time and for considering you as a candidate. It doesn’t hurt to indicate what their company does that attracted you to them either. At this point, you want to ask them if they have any insights into ways that you could improve your chances of success at interviewing for similar positions. Always leave on a positive note – let them know you greatly appreciate their thoughts or insights.

4. Fine Tune Your Interviewing Skills

One of the common reasons why an individual does not get a job is due to their behavior or responses during an interview. Let’s face it, your resume is usually not the issue since it got you the interview in the first place. One thing you can do to polish your interviewing skills is researching some of the most difficult questions interviewers ask and practice your answers for them. Once you have figured out how you would answer them, practice interviewing with friends or family. By doing this, you will reduce some of the anxiety of being in an interview, hone your skills, and reduce the risk of drawing a blank when asked a tough question. Another tip is to ensure your resume is up to date and relevant. Ask someone to proofread it as well!

5. Expand Your Job Options

Expand your job pool by making a list of the attributes and features of the position you did not get to see if there are any other jobs that might have those attributes. Do some research into other positions that have the qualities you want or that match your skills and education. This could drastically expand the job pool you could be applying for and increase your chances of putting the job hunting process behind you.

6. Network, Network, Network

It is a well-known fact that most jobs are found via networking opportunities, so network, network, network! Instead of avoiding your family or friends because you don’t want to tell them you didn’t get the job you interviewed for, use your new list of job possibilities to gloss over the rejection news. Tell them you expanded your job pool, and see if they know of anyone that is looking for a candidate in those new job areas. Another key way to network is to utilize LinkedIn. It is a great platform for professionals to network and job hunt.

Remember: just because you didn’t get the job doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. Dust yourself off, get back up and try these six tips. You will be back on your feet and on your way to a new job in no time!

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