7 Star Trek gadgets that are now real.

Modis Publié 06 February 2018

When Star Trek first aired in 1966, every gadget on the show was truly futuristic. Even though we haven’t perfected teleporting (yet), many of the gadgets that made this show great are now part of our everyday lives in some form.

You can also find a lot of the technology we use today in the last Star Trek film, which largely borrowed from real life. Here are seven Star Trek gadgets that are now a reality.


Trekkies might know this as Captain Kirk’s ‘communicator,’ but your smartphone pretty much does the same thing.

Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Used aboard The Enterprise as the main communication devices in the form of a computer that talked back, your own personal A.I assistant can be found in the form of a smart speaker.


If you’ve watched any Star Trek episodes, you’ll notice crew carrying around small computers to assist with all kinds of tasks. You probably have one of these, too, but yours is known as a tablet.


During the earlier episodes, the thought of speaking to someone through an earpiece was unheard of, but we now have Bluetooth and talk to other people through earpieces all the time.

3D Printers

Okay, so we haven’t exactly perfected the art of replicating miniature plastic figurines, but we’ve come a long way — long enough that our 3D printers share a lot of traits with Star Trek ‘Replicators.’

Smart Watches

Whether or not you count the last Star Trek motion picture as part of the show (it does continue the storyline in some ways, right?), you can’t deny the use of smartwatches during that movie.

Video Calls

Video calls were the way to communicate effectively on Star Trek. How many of you are subjected to video conference calls via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime today? Nope, not so futuristic after all.

Coming Soon

So what gadgets borrowed from fiction can we expect to see in the real world next? It’s difficult to say, but something we are getting very close to teleportation (although that might still be light years away). Others predict medical advances that borrow from science fiction, like Star Trek’s medicine injectors that can inject medicines quickly into waiting patients without needles (word has it that some leading technical schools are currently working on this advancement).

The possibilities are endless when it comes to future technological advances, but one thing is for sure — science fiction isn’t quite as far-fetched as it used to be.

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