7 awesome tech Instagram accounts.

Modis Publié 16 September 2014

Though many of us associate Instagram with pictures of friends, food and vacations, it is also an excellent forum for IT professionals to network, learn about exciting career opportunities and discover who is at the vanguard of technological innovation.

In fact, many companies launch new products and campaigns from their Instagram accounts. Some promote conferences and industry events. Others use their accounts as a recruiting tool to provide a window into their company culture. So whether you are looking to stay on top of industry news, find the right investor for your startup or check out the latest gadget, Instagram offers something for everyone in the tech community. If you don’t want to miss out on an important opportunity or innovation, take out your phone and start following these seven awesome tech Instagram accounts:

  • TechCrunch: TechCrunch is a news website that provides comprehensive updates on information technology companies, events, and industry trends. They also host a recurring series of “Disrupt” conferences multiple times a year in New York, San Francisco and in alternating global locations where startups have the opportunity to present their ideas to journalists, investors and industry leaders. Follow their account to stay on top of the latest tech news and to find out when their next conference will be.
  • 500 Startups: 500 Startups is a business incubator that provides seed funds and early and later stage venture investments to internet start-ups on search, social, & mobile platforms. Based in San Francisco and Mexico City, 500 Startups has invested in over 500 companies since they were founded in 2010. Follow them on Instagram to learn how your startup can become their next success story.
  • Made With Code: Recognizing that the tech industry has been traditionally dominated by men, Google recently launched a new campaign called Made With Code that aims to develop a new generation of female developers. Its goal is to show young girls just how pervasive coding is in our everyday lives and provide resources and projects that help them learn to code. Their Instagram account provides a platform to illustrate the wide range of products that are designed with code, all of which were made by women.
  • IEEE Communications Society The IEEE Communications Society – the largest technical group in the world – is committed to advancing all types of communications technology. Their members organize conferences, form technical committees, produce industry journals and collaborate to develop educational programs. Follow them and become part of this global forum for communications professionals.
  • CA Technologies: CA Technologies is a global leader in the production of systems management software. Rather than use Instagram to promote the hundreds of software products that they offer, CA Technologies instead regularly posts pictures of their employees at work and participating in teambuilding activities. Follow their account to see what daily life is like for tech professionals who work for a major software corporation.
  • Christian Sanz (Skycatch): This is the personal account of Christian Sanz, the founder and CEO of Skycatch, a startup that produces aerial drones that are utilized primarily by construction companies. These drones have the ability to gather information related to maps and thermal imaging. Sanz’s account features pictures of his drones in action around the world, as well as everyday life at the company headquarters and photos of him traveling and attending network events.
  • Technology Mogul: Technology Mogul is the account to follow for those of you who want to see the latest gadgets and most cutting-edge technologies on the planet. Whether you love cars, robots, smart phones, cameras, or computers, Technology Mogul will show you who is at the forefront of technical innovation.

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