There are many huge challenges facing Healthcare in the coming years. How can we better treat and cure cardiovascular diseases and cancers? How do we treat the growing number of dementia-sufferers? How can we provide long-term healthcare for the growing older population across the world?

Businesses can ensure success by establishing continuous innovation, using smart tools and processes and keeping ahead of the changing regulatory environment. Those that do won’t just have the opportunity to overcome these challenges but also improve and save millions of lives.
We see three trends in smart Healthcare:

1. The new clinical experience

Think about the last time you went to see a doctor or needed treatment. Chances are you had to face a queue, felt some elements of embarrassment and had to go out of your way to attend in person. You may have even had an at-home visit.

The convergence of IT and Life Sciences, however, means that future diagnostics, and even treatments, will be delivered remotely. Telehealth and virtual doctors, powered by AI-assisted clinicians will liaise with patients, deliver descriptions and even deliver prescribed drugs.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is already trialling a free digital service that acts as a digital General Practitioner (GP). 24/7 appointments, review notes and full NHS integration, serving as a primary GP service.

But to develop such ground-breaking experiences in Healthcare requires serious thinking about designing for patients and planning for integration. We can connect your business with the right minds in Life Sciences and IT to plan new services, perform the right research, and develop the necessary data frameworks for these innovations.

2. Cyber Healthcare

Personalised devices and treatment programmes powered by digital design and the Internet of Things are vital to how we will receive treatment in the future. 3D printing is already beginning to provide basic, low-cost prostheses. Over the long-term, we'll be able to quickly produce sophisticated, fitted prostheses tailored to an individual’s circumstances and delivered near-instantly.

Mass-market, long-term and disposable consumer sensors will become a prevalent part of life. We'll see technology develop from the inclusion of heart-rate monitors in current smart watches to more sophisticated, lightweight wearable technology. Blood pressure monitors incorporated into clothes, cardiac monitoring sleeves and jewellery that keeps track of our glucose levels. Connect these sensors to clinicians and visits can be scheduled, emergency calls automatically placed and treatments could even be administered.

Being able to embrace these changes involves marrying data with deep domain knowledge of Life Sciences and the ability to prototype and test rapidly. We can help with the talent required either in your business or outsourced, to our teams, offshore, onshore or nearshore at our pioneering Delivery Centers.

3. Regulatory compliance

Tying together our other trends is the importance of regulatory compliance. Just as businesses are better-equipped to monitor and serve patients, governments are better-equipped to monitor and enforce ever-developing standards. As the worlds of Life Sciences and IT get closer, data quality and safety become nearly as important as clinical quality and safety.

Businesses must maintain the rigour of safe, standardized and evidence-based processes, whilst tackling the problems of counterfeit drugs, provision of clear patient information and ensuring cybersecurity. Clear, global and national company protocols, a competent well-trained workforce and even outsourcing ancillary functions must be considered.

We have underpinned our Healthcare solutions with a strong degree of regulatory understanding across Life Sciences and IT. From technical writing to data management, we can partner with you to find the right solutions that meet your compliance needs.

How Modis can help
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