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Posted 23 June 2021

The Technology and Digital Engineering industry is changing. This goes in line with Modis passion for technology and talent, and a strong belief that businesses become more successful in engineering a smarter future by attracting and developing diverse talent 

As a leading tech consulting company within Smart Industry, Modis impacts clients in various fields, and all over the world. Being a partner leading through digital transformation in times where the market is changing rapidly, means opportunities to strongly contribute to how global industry players work and drive their innovation and transformation agenda.
“As an end-to-end solution provider in consulting, tech talent services and up- and re-skilling, we need to be diverse to serve our diverse clients successfully” says Veronique Rodoni, Group SVP HR at Modis. Modis has a vision to enable a smart and sustainable tomorrow. ”We want to champion a culture where talent matters, not labels, and where everyone has a chance to be part of the Tech world. We embrace that talent and potential come from all parts of society, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age or physical ability”, Rodoni says.
One of the most critical areas today is how the business can attract more women. This is a field where Modis puts much effort, and it is work that benefits and is expected by their clients.

“A diverse workforce isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. We are committed to attract, recruit, develop and empower diverse and inclusive technology and engineering teams not only for us, but also directly for our clients. And we believe that closing the gap we still see in our industry begins with us, inside our own organization. That is why we are offering more opportunities than ever for our people to get involved in impactful initiatives, that create diversity, foster innovation, and ultimately cultivate a better workforce for all of us”, Rodoni continues.
Lots of research shows that diversity in all aspects enhances performance and efficiency while, also encourages innovation. We have the capabilities to offer and deliver a diverse workforce to our partners and customers. And clients and partners see the benefits:
“It is a top priority to attract the best talent to our organization. In addition having diversity in our organization drives innovation.” says Nick Chester, Technical Director at the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team. “And with our Engineering Partner Modis’ help and advice, we can move even faster.” Modis is clearly committed to achieving gender parity in leadership roles by 2030, giving equal opportunity for both Men and Women. As a Global Leader in the Technology and Digital Engineering industry, Modis is looking to differentiate their Diversity & Inclusion approach with a strong ambition to design this year a dedicated Modis program around Women-in-Tech to inspire, connect, mentor and develop women from the Tech industry.

 “From a recruiting perspective, we want to attract more female engineers and other key roles, and diverse talent from all aspects,” says Rodoni. In 2020, Modis went from zero percent to 30 percent female leaders in the global leadership team. Several initiatives are also launching soon. Besides the previously mentioned Women-in-Tech, the company has started to build a Modis community with Diversity & Inclusion ambassadors.

Sangeetha Jayabalan, Global Head of Cognitive, Analytics and Cloud, is one example of Modis’ top engineers. Sangeetha is leading a Smart Industry initiative that uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for improving the performance of Formula E race cars along with Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team race strategists and technology teams.
“Sangeetha is helping us drive forward initiatives that derive more benefit from our data and this will in turn allow us to develop competitive advantage” says Nick Chester. Sangeetha is also an active participant with MIT’s initiative for Digital Economy ecosystem and a mentor who supports entrepreneurs to launch their tech products for a better future with lasting impact and change. “Being an Official Engineering Partner for the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team has forged our presence and growth as a pioneer in Smart Industry. I am thrilled about the opportunity to revolutionize the future through technology”, Jayabalan said.
Modis is preferred Tech partner for clients such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Google, who also put emphasis on equal opportunities in their workforce. Modis provides not only in-depth Smart Industry technology expertise but also enable clients to sustain their values with Modis’ D&I approach in selecting and developing workforce. Modis wants to inspire diverse talent to step into technology as well as encourage female leaders to pursue their careers in Technology and Digital Engineering – being part of shaping a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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